It's Not Okay.

To say I'm devastated  by the Election result would be an understatement, but unless you're Sick/Disabled or negatively impacted I don't expect anyone else to get it, and they clearly don't. 

But this wasn't just political, it was personal, If you voted Tory you are no friend or family member of mine, you really aren't, if you genuinely love and care about someone you don't throw them under the bus. You see, if you voted Tory you gave them a thumbs up that it was okay to bump off 120.000 Sick and Disabled like me via Corporate manslaughter and continue doing so, I could've been one of those 120.000 and still can become a statistic at any point. This isn't just about numbers and statistics though, this is real people with families, Mums, Dads, Sons and Daughters, bullied, humiliated, stripped of any dignity & finally killed? 
If you don't believe it do some research, we live this life on a daily so we know first hand what's happening but alot of it is there on Google if anyone bothers to check?

If you voted Tory you gave a thumbs up that it was okay for them to take away peoples disability aids, Mobility cars, Scooters, and continue  doing so  leaving already vulnerable people isolated by removing the only thing they had left that gave them a tad of  independence?  Mobility services have confirmed that as of  1st November 2019, 101.000 Disabled people have had their Cars and Scooters taken away from them.   

Many Sick/Disabled  that lose 
their Disability living allowance can't afford to pay carers, which has meant and means that in a parents case their school age children have to take over and try and fill in the gap best they can before school, after school and often taking time off school. Others who have nobody lie in their own soil until they are well enough to change themselves or until they can find somebody, friend, neighbour, to come and help them. There are those that have gone without a shower or bath for weeks because there is nobody to help. There was a time I was predominantly bed-bound and house-bound for two years, with any chronic illness that fluctuates you can be back there in a heartbeat.

 In a Tories Nazi mindset we are a burden on society and one they want rid of and they are succeeding, their mindset has been  passed on to the public, hate crimes against Sick/Disabled have risen by 41% with less prosecutions than ever. Your vote said that's okay?  

I didn't like Corbyn, plus my grandfather was Jewish so with all the antisemitism surrounding Labour i really had to dig deep,  I also swore after Blair I would never vote Labour again, but this wasn't just about me, under the Tories it was a much more bigger sinister picture, at least  with a new Government there was hope, that's what we needed.  Labour had spoken about changing the way Sick/Disabled were being treated, they would also fight austerity. I never in this life time thought I would see and experience Sick /Disabled being treated so brutally including those with mental health problems, I never thought I would see Food-banks in my home land , I never thought I would see children so hungry that Teachers are putting their own hands in their pockets to buy them food, I never thought I would see elderly men and women sat in their coats in a dark cold room because they can't afford the heating or electricity. 
I never thought I would see so many  Homeless families & individuals on our streets and on the rise under the Tories. The United Nations wrote in a report that what is happening in this country is an humanitarian crisis, no surprising the Tories disagreed and are carrying on regardless. I feel so ashamed to live in a country where it's Government and it's people say that's okay? Worst still is seeing all the laughter and jokes from so called friends over social media about the result, thank-you for showing just how little you think my life and the life of my fellow Sick/Disabled are worth, For those that think this post is just dramatic, it goes to show how sadly  little you know of the extreme suffering that has been happening to so many? This isn't a jokey bicker over the price of a loaf of bread, this is about lives?  Right now it feels as though all hope has gone and it's a very sad day & time we're living in indeed? I will be coming off Facebook as from immediate effect  for  sometime, to reflect, to gather thoughts and concentrate on my health. So I will take this opportunity to wish you all a  Merry Christmas topped off with Love and Peace. 

                                                   Until Next Time, Stay Blessed
                                                            Back Before Elvis


  1. I understand, I will miss you on fb, but I understand. Don't forget to be back before Elvis. Xx


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