Minister of Dickery ?

Some of you may remember that back in June, I went on a writing spree.?.....yes another one, I've lost count of the letters and emails written over the past thirty years in the very pin head size of a chance that someone, somewhere,  would see sense and  stop the abuse and manslaughter of  the sick and disabled. I also raised a number of specific concerns, the treatment of Sick and disabled under the present Government via D.W.P, increase in Mental health and pushing people over the edge under the present system which is ultra disablist despite their spiel.  I also criticized the loaded questions both on paper and also at assessment stage that are impossible to answer honestly and fairly  and yet people are forced to do so ? 

As for  Myalgicencephalomyelitis (M.E)  I stated that while M.E has been recognized as a complex chronic disabling illness with multi symptoms & listed by the World health organisation as a neurological disease since 1969 at this stage it cannot be medically proven. On  June 9th at the European roundtable on M.E hosted by Brussels that I was invited to attend virtually by Charity Invest In ME Research, Professor  Kristian Sommerfelt (European M.E Research Group & European  M.E Clinicians Council ) stated that due to lack of funding & therefore research, while the world knows M.E exists, there is at this stage no Biomarkers to medically prove its existence.

Therefore it is medically impossible for any M.E sufferer to give  evidence for something for which there is no evidence.  If M.E as an illness cannot be medically proven then neither can all the symptoms that are part of that illness?

You won't be suprised to hear that although the Assessment centre contacted me the day after receiving the letter I've not heard from them since, despite telling me they would investigate and get back to me within 28 days ?

The response from D.W.P was that they couldn't accept my complaint because it didn't fit the criteria? 

"Eh, come again......surely I can complain about what I want to complain about? " 

Apparently no longer, there is a criteria and they will only accept complaints that fit that criteria. For instance, if an assessor says they will ring at a certain time but they don't ? You can complain, but you can't complain about the system, how it's run, how it's delivered, or the often derogatory, condescending soul destroying wording of  the reports, you can't complain because you think it's wrong,  none of that fits their Criteria, so as the woman who was told to call me stated, we can't accept your complaint, so it can't be looked at as a complaint.   (Now I've heard it all) ......

Well I thought I'd heard it all until today when I received an email from D.W.P, turns out that  Minister for disability Justin Tomlinson couldn't be arsed to deal with  my letter about the treatment of  the sick and disabled because he gets so many, so he gave it to the D.W.P to respond to instead, how ironic? Below was their response, it could have been written to anyone, it certainly addressed  nothing stated in my letter and was/is an absolute cop out, just the standard waffle, the standard lies that we've all become accustomed to. 

I, like many am so exhausted, not only by the illness itself but by decades of using up precious energy fighting for justice against those determined to hold on to outdated views, those who blatantly put up blocks and those who continue to lie, abuse and mistreat, but as individuals and together we must keep fighting even when it seems futile, No matter how weary, we must keep  moving forward in hope, hope for the day there will be justice, hope for future generations, hope, that one day what we are living through will be deemed unacceptable, when those responsible for the abuse and mistreatment of 1000's are tried for crimes against humanity instead of  given a knighthood?  And hope that one day we will have a genuine compassionate Minister of Disability instead of the Minister of Dickery that we are often given?......We can but hope?

                                    Until Next Time, Stay Blessed

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