Social Media Madness?


Social media (Do we have to?) some of you may have seen a recent post about me contemplating or rather constipating over deleting all my social media accounts? This was posted in a moment of absolute loathing at Facebooks decision to change how we run our pages, which I wasn't aware of until I went to post the normal way and couldn't. It had come without warning, so thinking it was a browser error? Windows update error? Whatever error? I used time I'll never get back trying to sort it, only I couldn't of course because some pre-pubescent genius at Facebook thought it would be a great idea to change everything and make navigation and use like a challenge off the crystal maze. But  there was no prize, just a blood boiling frustration that was in danger of seeing my head explode (Not much to see there then?)
I very much have a hate/love relationship with social media  the problem is I'm an over thinker who just happens to give a damn. Only the other day I went to someone's page to see how they were doing, only to find they'd gone, then of course you  start worrying that they're okay?  Turns out they were, but  what it always highlights for me is it doesn't feel nice or good when someone just vanishes especially if you've had a long online connection. It's not personal of course, people leave all the time, and I totally understand why, but it's for that reason I really find deleting  my accounts completely, hard to do .

I've been on social media since it started, you can't get around to everyone to say your leaving and I don't want to be giving absolutely everyone my personal email either, with three pages on Facebook, plus Twitter etc  it would be impossible to do, my Mama Chill Facebook music page alone has over 10,000 followers, although I think alot of those turned up accidently thinking it was a site they could buy Cannabis?  Over-thinking  can be a curse, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who struggles with this dilemma?.

There was a time when I would talk about deleting social media to live in the real world, but lets face it, like it or not the digital age has become the real world? If we quit its just burying our head in the sand, pretending it isn't happening, we either grit our teeth, growl and go along for the  frustrating digital  ride, or we live in ignorant frustration getting someone else to deal with it for us?

My other problem is people, there are so many traumatized triggered souls on social media that you only have to fart in the wrong tone  for someone to brand you something that ends in "ist" or "ic"  ......or "unt" of course ? They tell you what, why and how you've written what you've written and what you meant. Despite attempts to explain they're on a totally different ward to the one I'm on, it makes nada of a difference, and you find yourself using precious energy trying to defend as their  followers and friends  pile in wolf pack stylee to add their own "Ist" or "ic" .......oh go on then, or "Unt" of course?  

Being a writer  these days is like running the gauntlet every time you post something, but I refuse to re-edit myself to appease the minority . For those that have followed over the years you will have probably gaged my writing style by now, honest, black comedic, sarcastic, ironic, ranty, have I mentioned sarcastic?  The one thing I would never ever do is personally mock someone......oh, hang on a minute, I think I once referred to Boris as looking like a regurgitated Honey Monster, but I was kinda hoping you'd forgive me that one? 

But apart from that, just as someone that has seen & experienced much over my Jurassic decades, including disability & self-body struggles, as one  human being to another I would never be purposely cruel, in fact whenever I have written about someone else's story, I always let them read it first and give a thumbs up before publishing. As a naïve musician back in the day I was often caught out  when reading an interview I'd done, with whole paragraphs twisted and taken out of context, it can not only be damaging and lose you opportunities, it also makes you feel stupid, shafted and helpless. It is something I have never forgotten and the reason I prefer  to be the writer I have chosen to be, one that supports others. 

Saying that, the one thing I am rather brutal on in posts, is when it comes to injustice, the government, its lies and its departments treatment of people, but you don't have to agree of course, it's a truth that I stand by, it wont necessarily be yours? 

So I have come to the conclusion the only way I'm going to cope with this social media madness without deleting my accounts is to step back every now and then, to holla my own "ucks" & " ollocks" (no "unts") and go sit on the naughty step until I'm chilled again, to give my eyes a break from rolling at the often patronizing, condescending "I'm right, you're wrong" responses, the "Do as you're told" wagging finger brigade. To give my head a break from shaking at those who haven't understood why Twitter only allow 280 words for a post and go on to respond with a following 32 comments ? Stoooooop enough already ? 

Oh, one last thing, 3D images, I'm sure they are meant for scenery photos, wildlife yadda yadda?, I can't tell you the times i've nearly soiled myself while scrolling and someones giant 3D selfie head has popped up.....Whaaaaaaa!

Is there anything good about social media you might be wondering?  Well yeah, you lot of course?  Heeeey someone pour the cheese.  
Feel free to come share your own social media frustrations with me? 

                                                     Til next time, Stay Blessed
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