All Change

Hey, If you're one of these weird people that finds watching paint dry exciting then you'll probably enjoy my update?  I thought i'd hit you all with a little  update of what's going on right now seeing as it's been awhile. I've decided to close my Runnin On Empty website in the next few months and create a couple of separate ones. The reason for my madness?  I originally thought it was a good idea to have all my heads under one umbrella, it was good, for me, but in hindsight it's not always the right thing to do as it can confuse people, put them off, be too much in one place to check out?

One of the obvious heads that can be  problematic is my music head Mama Chill, Rap/HipHop has never had a great image in the eyes of the British white middle class, and while I continue in trying to educate people and change their perception, when asked many still think it's about crotch grabbing, killing and drugs. and while I have been tempted  to keep my mother under the floorboards for longer periods than she is presently kept I can assure everyone I have never considered bumping her off, As for drugs? Green and Blacks 70% chocolate thank-you very much, and the only crotch grabbing likely to take place is because I need a wee courtesy of a Jurassic bladder. 

So a basic Mama Chill website is one of the sites I'm creating right now with the aim of eventually making some new music, its been a long time for sure.  The other head to go solo is my Professional Dream Translator head under the name of White Feather Dreams.While I'm passionate about Dreams and what I do in educating people of the importance, again, it's one of those things that unless people have  experienced it for themselves it can be hard to get your head around. It can be seen on a similar par to an end of the Pier  Mystic Meg, which is actually a million miles away from what I do. 
The last site to be recreated right here will be a new basic Runnin On Empty one which will concentrate on my general writing, all previous work will still be here, hopefully it will just be the look  and layout that slightly changes? 

I've always written at Blogger for ease of use and I was hoping to either incorporate it in the paid website or use the in-house one but both didn't sit on the site very well in terms of layout and ease of use. So it made sense to just move all my domain names over to my Blogger sites 
Are you still awake? 

As a techno muppet it's been a tad tougher than I thought, not just setting up the domain names here at Blogger but also recreating the sites. It wasn't until I'd finished the White Feather Dreams site that I realised it didn't fit or look good on a mobile phone, why is that important?  Because as of 2019 it was estimated that 4.346 billion people used their phones for internet use, business via mobile phone use is big business. So after a little googling, I found that Blogger has some newer mobile friendlier templates, wonderful, only trouble is they still weren't exactly what I wanted, because Blogger is basic, some of the features are unchangeable/unremoveable unless you know code? I don't know code oh oh! 

So once again I've had to search, google and chat with uber friendly communities who have guided me in the right direction, and following their direction and coding I've managed to change bits and remove sections I don't want, although it's still mega early days and i'm still learning and playing as I go, but hopefully it will make changing the other sites and especially when I do this one right here,  a bit easier?  

So although i'm still trying to stay connected on Facebook and Twitter, at the moment I'm daily beavering away trying to get all these sites created , so apologies if I've missed birthday wishes and other events and behaving more anti-social than I usually am?  

I'm also organizing a little M.E Competition, it seems ages since I did the last one, they were just to bring a little fun and light into the lives of those dealing on a daily with what is often a painful, lonely and soul destroying chronic illness, they were also to  help raise awareness of Charity Invest In ME Research via Lets do it for ME! . Last week I came across a lovely old email from one of the previous winners which reminded  me of how  a little light on a dark day can make all the difference in someone's life, so I will hopefully get the Competition up over the next week?  And that is where I'm at right now.

There are many plans and things I'm hoping to get more involved in locally such as  South West Herts Peoples Health Service  & also South West Community Hub  but one baby step at a time. After a severe deep belly muscle strain around an old Operation scar at the end of December which still hasn't healed and an M.E & Fibromyalgia relapse it's a bit of a struggle to say the least, but as long as I wake up breathing there is still much that can be done and everything to be grateful for.  There are days when just breathing is more than enough, so remember you are amazing, and as  long as you keep going forward, it's all that matters. Whatever you're up to my friends just  Keep On Keepin'On.
                                                    Til next time, Stay Blessed 
                                                           Back Before Elvis x


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