I choose Twitter as my main social media hang out because with only limited characters allowed there's less chance of a novel length post about someone's daily drama, unless of course they decide to write 10 posts in a row?  There's always one ?  

The only downside to Twitter is the mindset of some of the users. There's alot of people that Follow, wait until you Follow back, and then Unfollow you again so their  numbers look good. There are many that only follow a few hundred while their followers are in their thousands . This is all well and good when it comes to someone Famous or a Celebrity, it's expected, but not with your average Joe, if someone follows you then be polite and follow them back, call it Twitter Etiquette. The only accounts I don't follow are porn, not because I'm a prude but because seeing someones undercarriage in my feed really doesn't float my boat, Food porn however is acceptable, I never tire at the sight of Cheesecake.  For the past year I've also noticed something else going on, people suddenly Unfollowing everyone, so their Follow statistics  drop to zero but the Follower number is thousands, I for one aren't impressed  if that's the reaction expected?   You can bet your bottom dollar that a few weeks later they'll be Following you again and repeating the game?

For those of us on  Twitter for genuine reasons, looking to connect, engage, support , it can be extremely frustrating, but I've found a way to at least stay in control of these Muppets playing a game. I signed up to and use the free version but there is a paid plan with more flexibility if you choose. 
It means I can go in everyday and be shown who has Unfollowed my page. I then Unfollow that person PLUS I block them, this stops them from being able to  follow again a few weeks later and the game repeating, it's depressing how many people are just focused on making themselves look good by Follow numbers. since using the Unfollowers site I'm  blocking between  5 and 20 Muppets a day, so it's quite prevalent but social media is what it is. 

I'm on Twitter like most good people for the reasons I mentioned earlier, to connect, support others, and be supported, so I don't ever Unfollow  and Block anyone other than the players. There are often posts from those upset about the lack of Followers but there is no quick fix to gaining more , it takes time and hard work,  it also works better if you spend more time supporting and engaging in others posts  rather than trying to just push your own.  I've studied marketing, I've posted out at various times and tried posting interesting articles, it doesn't always work and someone with far less Followers than me can have far more engagement. I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

Find posts that you like and Retweet them and leave  comments saying why you enjoyed it, or give someone a pat on the back if they deserve it, others will often comment too, or like what you've written and end up following you because they can see you are someone that engages, or they like your sense of humour or style of writing etc.    

The main thing is, stop worrying about numbers, just chill and focus on getting to know your fellow Twitters and enjoy it, focus on that and the numbers will increase in time, naturally with people that are more likely to stay Following. Right I'm off  to Tweet. 

                                                        Til Next Time, Stay Blessed
                                                               Back Before Elvis.



  1. I have twitter but struggle (as with all social media)in keeping up and seeing the posts I want to see, your post has made me want to try again to connect with it :D xx

    1. I'm going to inbox you with some help to get going again :)

  2. I find it infuriating. Sometimes it easy to miss the odd unfollow but I recently hit 1500 followers (although I follow almost 1000 more myself!) and for days it would drop and go back up. I felt so disheartened.

    I honestly didn’t realise how frequently people did this.

    Great suggestion for the site.

    Thank you x

    1. Hi thanks for reading and commenting, appreciated, yes my Follows drop daily, I've used a couple of these companies like but Twitter disallowed them for some reason, they haven't with "Unfollow" though, i've been using it on the free plan for some time now and find it helps to get rid of those just using you to boost their own numbers by following and unfollowing you again. It's easy to get disheartened, but just concentrate on engaging with like minded people. It's not all about numbers, it's better to have 100 people that you have a mutual support thing with than have 1000, you never engage with ? Do you make lists at all? ;) x

  3. Good advice. This follow-unfollow game is really bad on Insta. I have already given up on Insta

    1. Thanks, yes, It seems ridiculous,I'm never impressed by how many followers someone has, I automatically think they probably purchased them anyway? lol! But it's more about engagement, someone can have 10.000 followers but hardly anyone likes or shares the stuff, and then someone can have 153 followers but get loads of comments and shares and be far more popular. It's so easy to feel validated or unworthy dependent on number of followers, but I believe that rather than focus on numbers as many do, it's best to stay in your own lane and focus on engaging more with the people that do bother . Unfortunately i didn't get far with Insta, I got hacked early doors by a russian bot and Insta wouldn't give me it back despite all the proof. Hopefully you'll have more luck on Twitter? :)


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