Yes,We ARE Undefeatable

I've  been  a bit miffed by the recent TV and social media campaign  #WeAreUndefeatable but miffed has now turned to anger because once again I smell a very large underhand rat? On it's website and social media platforms it states  it's " A campaign supporting people with health conditions to be active through the ups and downs and celebrating every little victory" ?  

I could  almost hear the strains of Jerusalem playing in the background as all sick and disabled around the country stand shoulder to shoulder  with fist clenched to their heart with pride?......Someone pass the Kleenex I'm about to blub, but that's because sadly, once again I believe the public are being duped that this is being done in our best interest, while the actual Sick and Disabled amongst us know it's just another shafting. 

Call me a, please do?  but I believe this to be just another sneaky attack on societies most vulnerable to save the government  yet more money,  if the corporate manslaughter of approximately 120,000 so far isn't enough? ...Well obviously not?  And yes, you heard right, that's 120,000  grandparents, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, the list goes , but real people in need of help that ended up dead thanks to the  Tories & D.W.P stance.

For me, most sick and disabled are already undefeatable, the ones I've been blessed to know and meet over the years are already amazing, brave, determined human beings, they've had to be because they continue to be put in a do or die situation by the Conservatives and the D.W.P.

And I think we can quite safely assume this campaign is government initiated and funded? At the bottom of the website it  lists all it's partners, The national lottery, and a whole heap of Charities ...Awww Dang! you're probably going to call me a cynic again?, please do?  But I can't help wondering what bung these charities are getting for being part of this Shafting Campaign ? 

As many can and will vouch, Under D.W.P criteria, if you have enough energy to even fart then you're deemed fit to work and denied any financial help, and if you're getting help then it's instantly withdrawn which means losing mobility scooters and other vehicles and no longer having funds to pay for carers, the fact that kids often have  to skip school to look after a parent and take over the role is just too bad. 

That's why seeing all these people doing activities and being encouraged to get active in this campaign is  hypocritical and quite frankly a farce, If any sick or disabled person tries to help them-self in any way by  doing some activity they're told they're not sick or disabled enough for financial help and are forced back into work regardless. 

Those who phone D.W.P in a desperate state having received a letter to say they are losing all financial help are often just told to go to a food bank or go ask a family member, friend or neighbour. Is this really happening in 2019?  Unfortunately yes and it get's much worse, at assessments if assessors can't see the symptoms of your illness, then they don't exist, including mental health. While D.W.P publicly deny this in the media, those who go through the assessment have written reports to say otherwise. For example, unless a patient sweats, trembles and shakes at some point during the assessment then they don't suffer with anxiety and receive no points , the same for all other symptoms, unless they are all presented during the assessment you are given no points for it. 

In the height of mental health awareness this seems reckless and as I stated before, criminal, so I challenged D.W.P on this, but seemingly missing the point I was simply told that all the assessors are professionals and they listen to what they say. 

Just in recent weeks there's been more cases of  terminally ill people, bed-bound and in their last few weeks being denied financial help by a cruel, barbaric  D.W.P who have deemed  them fit to work  despite, GP and Consultant letters, like the late  James Oliver.

Some of you may also remember the case of the late  Stephen Smith  a man with multiple debilitating illness, who lived on his own,  lying emaciated in a hospital bed , denied any financial help and forced to leave  that hospital bed to attend a tribunal and prove he was sick enough for financial assistance? This isn't just a one off case, this is happening on a daily to sick and disabled all over the country.

Of course exercise is good, it's not rocket science and I'm not knocking that, but we mustn't forget there is illness where exercise is just not possible or can actually make a situation worse, I think many will find this campaign insulting, the main reason being, it's being put out there as one thing when it's actually masquerading as something far more sinister, just ask the families of those who have already died ?  Despite Philip Alston's  UN's report  of a humanitarian crisis in the UK, despite back in 2017 a UN report denouncing the Tories treatment of Disabled, this arrogant Government are still in public denial. 

 I hope the public will see through this latest campaign and wake up to what's really happening to the sick and disabled of this country and be as angered and demonstrative as they have been about #Brexit , then we truly will be Undefeatable. 

                                                     Until Next Time, Stay Blessed
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