Who Are Ya Now?

Do you ever look back at photos and laugh or cringe at what you were wearing ?  It was just the times and the latest crazes that made us feel untouchable eh?   I felt right gangsta in my Crombie and Doc martens when I was finally allowed to get them, 

 used to smoke too, all the cool boys smoked  Marlborough, they were proper adult ciggies and then us girls discovered the equivalent in Sobranie multi-coloured cocktail cigarettes and there we were, a bunch of council estate kids feeling posh and sophisticated. 
One look I'm not proud of and  certainly wouldn't want to revisit is the ginger perm, it was a white persons equivalent to an afro that we really didn't rock. It was meant to be bleached blonde of course but never quite got there, apart from the eyebrows that went so white it looked like you didn't have any.

It wasn't a holiday unless you went to the pavillion to see The Black & White Minstrels, TV programmes included Love Thy Neighbour and it seemed every comedian started a joke  with " An Englishman,  Irishman, Scotsman and a Pakistani walked into a bar" ?

As you walked passed a building site, workmen would whistle down from the scaffolding they clung to, and if they didn't you walked passed again just in case they hadn't seen you the first time.

Times however have changed greatly, what was once acceptable is no more, but that's what happens when you  evolve, not only as a collective but also as an individual, as we grow older most of us  change, or Life changes us?  our views, our ways, the only difference is back then we didn't have a public recording of our growths and faux pas whereas now there's social media.

I often get spooked when I get a notification to say someone has liked/commented/shared a post from 2006 because it means they've sat there scrolling back to somebody I used to be, it immediatly sparks a mix of intrigue and panic " What did i say in the post?" What was I doing in the photo? Would any of it be acceptable now or could it spark social media outrage?  People could find out where I live, drag me out the house by my ankles and crucify me on the nearest lampost for my sins? 

I always feel sorry for the young whippersnappers that get their first sniff of appearing on TV only to have it publicly snatched away  because some saddo individual has scrolled back to when they were pre-pubescent  and said or did something they probably shouldn't and don't even remember?  I often wonder if employers do the same thing when weighing up a  candidate for a job?  

With all that in mind and the mind-set of better to be safe than sorry  I thought it was a good idea to wipe out any potential  dramas and just keep the social media postings to approx 3 months.....then my heart and belly sank, oh hang on...I think that's  due to the fact that while writing this I ate the last chocolate revel without realising and when i did realise, they came out in solidarity at my disappointment? 

Anyhow you'll be pleased to know that after some research I came across  Tweet Delete  for those on Twitter, It's Free and so easy to use, with one hit I wiped out 5 years of tweets, so just in case my  prodigious personality should soar to Stardom status ? there will be no poop to be found💩 Ha. Although Police records on the other hand might still list my court appearance for being part of the Poll tax rebellion, not a crime as such,  more a mini revolution of which I stand proud.

Unfortunately  facebook isn't so easy and alot more time consuming as you can only delete 50 posts at a time, but still worth the effort.  To do this go to your profile and underneath where you  write a post you will see: Manage posts, List view,  Grid view. Click on Manage posts and click the first 50 you want to get rid of and then click delete, and then repeat for as many times as you need to.  Instagram pretty much has the same set up as Facebook if you want to delete multiple posts.

I think most of us would like to think we change for the better, learn from past mistakes  and keep on maturing like good cheese, just not as stinky?  But if we publicly record our journey in social media posts and comments there is always the possibility that the past could come back to bite us on the bum, everything is so PC and the world and it's people seem so snowflakey in comparison with yesteryear, and it's not always easy to change as quick as is needed , all we can do is try our best to keep up and in the meantime have a regular clear out of posts  so as to stay in control of what we're putting out there as we go forward? 

                                                             Til next time, stay blessed
                                                                      Back Before Elvis


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