All Change ?

Well there's been a change that I wanted to share with you, so grab a custard cream ( Never too early.....or too late ) and i'll spill.... 

So first up, the Bands/Artists  that I support and feature under Eargasm Feat  has a brand spanking new name and banner and will now be known as Runnin With My Rhythm 
it will still  be bringing you outstanding talent by those producing great music and continue to hopefully introduce you to people and tracks you'd otherwise not hear. There's  also a Runnin With My Rhythm Spotify playlist of all those featured so far, so  it would be cool to see you there and have you follow. At the moment I'm particularly on the look out for some dynamite sounding unsigned UK Rap/Hip-hop bands/artists to feature, so if you think you have what it takes, or you know of someone that does, then send over the links and i'll check it out. 

Most of us like listening to music, some of us all day?  But we rarely think about the actual realities of making music, It's tough being an independent  band/artist , so as well as downloading  please don't forget to follow them, share, RT, and  continue to show them your support. 

                                                           Cheers, Stay Blessed
                                                              Back Before Elvis 


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