Swapping Mozart For Stormzy ?

So I woke up to the headlines that a youth Charity headed by Myleene Klass is urging Schools to add Stormzy to the curriculum instead of Mozart to engage kids that would otherwise fall by the wayside, and I wholeheartedly agree, Hallelujah , about time. 

Everyone is different and I believe it's an adults responsibility to tap into what makes a young person tick and then use that to show them their potential.

Back when Dinosaurs walked the earth and Stormzy hadn't even hatched and I was at school, it was  something I put to my own music teacher. At 11 years of age I didn't get classical music, I hated the fact we were force fed Mozart, Beethoven and a host of others. As a music lover I knew I'd probably "Get it" one day when I was older but at that point in time it wasn't relevant to me. So thinking of a compromise I asked the Teacher if we could combine classical with modern, be set a challenge like writing a rap or lyrics  over a piece of classical music? It would mean we'd have to go away and listen to some classical music to pick the one that felt right for our words, which would maybe help us to also engage and appreciate classical music a bit more?  Sadly it didn't go down too well, she didn't have a cane in her room but if she had I think she would've bent me over the desk right there and then and  whipped my butt as red as her angry face. Instead she called my parents up the school due to my "Disrespect and impertinence"  of her teaching.  This just added further to my  dislike of teachers and  anti- school mind -set .
I hated music lessons and was so disappointed because it felt like a missed opportunity, thankfully I also loved acting, and Drama was my favourite lesson, Mr Tim Phillips was everything you'd want in a good Teacher, he treated students as equals, he didn't speak down to you, he praised you and encouraged you to fulfill  your dreams. Unfortunately he was in the minority, as Drama was frowned upon in the school by a lot of the other teachers who saw it as  "A class for lazy people that didn't want to work" 

Being a teacher's tough there's no doubt, it's a lot tougher today than back in my day when a teacher could just give you a good beating if you weren't towing the line, but the essence is still the same. If a child is a great storyteller then encourage them with English and Drama, don't try and turn them into a Mathematician, if a child shows a real love and flair for cooking then guide and support in that and don't chastise them for being crap at history? 

We have to treat children as individuals, tap into their talents and help them hone their skills,  every single child has a talent, most from disadvantaged backgrounds just don't know it ,or don't know what to do with it, and whether it's to become an astronaut or a rapper they all deserve the same chance to shine. I have to also add that it's never too late and we as adults can support, praise and guide other adults who missed out. I've seen many an adult discover their talents later on in life, a few kind words and a bit of support costs nothing but can have a massive impact, so come on, let's get supportive?  

                                                  Til Next Time, Stay Blessed
                                                          Back Before Elvis


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