Resolution Time & Appreciation

Busy! Busy! Busy! Rush! Rush! Rush! from the moment we open our eyes in the morning our brain starts whirring or in my case spluttering and not making much sense until about 10am, thanks to an infusion of Coffee and as little human interaction as possible. 
Have you noticed we're a generation that is forever thinking & chattering away in our own head, what we've got to do today, whether we're good enough, always trying to stay one thought ahead, and always self-sabotaging like it's the whole point in being here?  When we're not doing that we have our face glued to a screen, be it the  (not so) Smart Phone, Computer, Netflix yadda yadda!...ah no, silly me, you wouldn't have noticed would you? 

We've become so disconnected from each other AND ourselves that we're becoming as automated as most of the UK's customer services, ya know... Press 1, Press 2,  Please state the reason why you're here after the tone? I'm sorry I didn't get that. Lets' try again.  Please state why you're here after the tone? 

Why ARE we here?  What I do know is, we're missing the point, we're so wrapped up in things that don't matter that we're ignoring the things that do, like time, time to appreciate everything we have, everything we are.  

The very simple act of waking each morning, opening our eyes, to see, to hear, is truly a blessing, many aren't afforded that privilege, and it is a privilege NOT a right,  and yet how many actually give it a thought? Instead we crawl out of bed and do things on automatic, wash, get dressed, clean teeth etc, all things that many people due to death, poor health or/and disability can't do. We take every second of our Life and doable things for granted. Have you ever stopped for a moment to consider what it would be like to wake up blind?  or deaf? or disabled and not be able to dress yourself, or even go to the toilet by yourself?  How bloody lucky for those of us given the ability to do these things and much more every day?

You can't buy time, time to appreciate the things that truly matter, time for family and friends & strangers even, those in need. It's free, it's there and yet we choose to put everything else that doesn't really matter first?  Taking time to appreciate time and all the things that actually make our daily life possible is I believe the point.  When our time is over,  having a great job, big house and flash car will mean nothing. People don't remember others by their material wealth, we're remembered for acts of kindness, for giving our time, for our ability to make others laugh, feel good, or feel loved. None of those things cost and yet it's what nourishes another's soul more than any amount of money ever could, and by giving of ourselves in this way we also nourish our own soul. 

They say the true meaning of Christmas has been lost, it should be a time of reflection, appreciation, coming together, sharing?  But why just Christmas? Shouldn't that be our daily goal?

In a nutshell, self-sabotaging serves no purpose whatsoever, none of it's true & it just wastes precious time, so focus on your abilities and remember the small things ARE the big things, the things that matter.  Regarding death, someone once said that we're all in a queue we just don't know where in the queue we are. So take that thought into 2019 with you, If you wake up in the morning it's cause for celebration,  appreciate the day even the poop things that happen, view it as a life lesson and not the end of the world because in the bigger picture it really isn't.  Take time to say what you mean and mean what you say, and say "I love you" more often and don't ever get too big to give or receive a hug.  I have come to learn the magnitude of  giving time and a hug to another, while a simple act, earlier this year someone who was considering suicide told me it  had made them feel that someone cared, made them feel they had worth and  plenty to still offer to the world &  had given them a reason  to stay.  Each and every one of us has these wonderful gifts inside of us that we can give to another, it would sure make the world a better place if we all used them, that might be asking a lot, but we can at least start with ourselves?

To family and friends real & virtual and those no longer in my life but have taught me lessons I thank you all, I have nothing but love and appreciation. 
                                              Happy New Year, Stay Blessed
                                                       Back Before Elvis x


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