Rants Rambles & Reflections 2017

This time of year usually has us reflecting, looking back and looking forward, maybe thinking of  changes we'd like to make?  and as I stroll down what often feels like the psychiatric corridors of Facebook I can't help thinking  I haven't done too badly.  
Each and every one of us has a story and most have their struggles but I generally find the best medicine for misery is to focus on others. As someone who  lives a Yogic life  it's the first mantra of my day "What can I do to make someone elses day better today?" it's not about big gestures it's about the small stuff and it's something that we are all able to do regardless of age, health or circumstances.  By thinking of others & helping others without any expectations for self, we can often learn alot and that in itself can be  healing.

Talking of healing, can we make a deal to banish last gasp selfies please ? This year my feed has been awash with open backed hospital gowns, zoomed in hand and arm shots with Cannulas, Heart Monitors, Drips (the object not the person.....although?)  & paper mache sick bowls.......One lady in the back of an ambulance and in the midst of death even managed to update us to the fact she was being blue lighted to hospital because the medics didn't know if she was going to make it?
As some of you may know I very recently had a bit of a health scare myself and was up the hospital daily for tests and procedures as they thought my 2012 tumour might've returned or that it was Cancer? The last procedure I had was on the 14th of December,  a Colonoscopy, I was supposed to be sedated but something went wrong so I was wide awake watching the screen and feeling every bit as the surgeon journeyed with his Camera up into the deep dark depths of my upper bowel, It wasn't David Attenborough but it was fascinating none the less although I wouldn't recommend it on Trip Advisor , and you'll be relieved to hear  that at no point with my butt hung over the side of the  bed, did i think of whipping out my phone and taking a few ass selfies to share with you. 
Other things I'd like clearing up in 2018  are words such as  "Nigga" & "Faggot" there's so much hypocrisy, either they're acceptable or they're not make ya bloomin mind up?  This year I've seen white journalists  publicly condemning the use of these words one minute, only to big up Stormsys album the next....What, the one where he uses the word Nigga?  As do many rap and hip hop artists?  & I don't see any of these same journalists  jumping up and down  at the annual Christmas blasting of  Fairytale In New York? with lyrics  "You Scumbag You Maggot, You Cheap Lousy Faggot" ? 
There are a zillion words that could be deemed offensive depending on tone and context.  There is no place for true racism and homophobia but I think it's time we pulled up our big pants & stopped being offended all the time. Let's face it, the majority of humans are decent and don't use words maliciously. In fact White British are the only race I know willing to throw their own grandmothers under the bus for fear of the consequences of upsetting every other race. 
And there's Irony from all the groups that use race, religion or sexuality in their title, huffing and puffing about wanting equality....Er?   Can we all pleeeeeeease just operate with some common sense? 

As for Brexit? since the vote I've had many a sleepless night along with the rest of the nation just worrying about the colour of our passport, nothing else, just the colour of our passport.  If it was going to be green I  didn't know how I was going to break it to the mother, she hates green. I couldn't help thinking a multicolored one would probably be the best bet ?  but hallelujah  the great British public can now sleep easy, it's blue, our passport is going to be blue.  So, that's it then, that's all we need to know, everything's sorted? 
I can hardly bring myself to mention this next bugbear...there are some pretty sick individuals out there, Look!.....go on look! whenever I visit the loo, be it cafe, hair salon or other peoples houses this is what i'm met with.........
What's anyone meant to do with THAT?   It's not like I have a huge under carriage or anything but come on people? It's not even one full square? It's not rocket science, do you really need me to get it printed on a T-Shirt ? 

As for the good stuff, I've reviewed some of the finest bands and artists this year from the likes  of Kate Dimbleby with her unique accapella album, April Blue with their awesome take on Gary Numans Cars,  Didi who broke away from the Production desk to launch her own music career, Surburban Dirts who quite possibly had their song  ripped off by James Bay? Post Collide A fave with BBC 1XTRA & doing Sheffield proud. Toni Sidgwick who released Lions in her hometown of Barnard castle. Hiphops,
The Org & their phenominal single "Assemble (The Body's the Church) .  Audrey Hepburn Lookalike Roxanne de bastion  & self released album Heirlooms and hearsay.  Alex Francis a man whose vocals could get your nether regions rumbling. Folk and roots duo  Oka Vanga  & their mystical album Dance Of The Copper Trail & "He Came Back" the last album from the late great Singer Songwriter from St albans Peter Ransome .  And one of my fave albums to date  Old Mill Park by Tidelands.  Thankyou to everyone for allowing me to be part of your journey, including Folkstock Records Founder Helen Meissner   and also  David Slater  & Roy Spencer . I 'm already looking forward to sharing more amazing music with you in 2018.

Apart from writing, other plans, being the geek that I am Is to keep boring you on social media with my Moon shots, it's been a very odd shape the last two nights, first one reminds me of a stingray, & the second, an egg? 

After an absence of two years I'm  hoping to return back onto the music scene.......if i can master production.....but as a technomuppet I might be awhile so please don't hold your breath? 
I'm also  improving  guitar skills, learning the Ukelele and  Condor Bass Native American flute, although not all at the same time & Start training to become a Hatha Yoga Teacher. I also aim to continue as a Lets Do It For ME! team member raising awareness and funds for small UK Charity Invest In ME Research  so 2018  is looking set to be a busy one. However, living with conditions such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) Fibromyalgia, Scoliosis & Osteoporosis brings its daily challenges and as I've come to realize Life doesn't always work out how you plan it, BUT.......... we can at least have a bloody good try?  As I always say,  no matter how limited ones life is:
" It's better to die living than sitting around waiting to die"

And as I leave you with that thought, I wish each and every one of you a Happy New Year. Thank-you for your continued support.  2018?.....Lets do this.
                                                               Stay Blessed
                                                          Back Before Elvis X


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