M.E It's Not Just For Christmas

I thought I'd write a little  article about the reasoning  behind my latest  merchandise design:
Limited Edition until 20th November, Men & Womens. International delivery " M.E! It's Not Just For Christmas" All profit from sales donated to Charity  Invest In ME Research Available from my DizzyJam store.

It's not just Christmas that's difficult for someone with M.E, but there is often added pressure from family and friends with their expectations when it comes to the annual get together:

" Well surely you can make an effort just for one day, come on, you"ll be fine?"

"Auntie flo will be so disappointed  if you don't turn up, can't you do it for her?"

"Stop being selfish and thinking of yourself, it's Christmas, think of someone else for a change?"

" Yes I know you've got M.E but what's that got to do with us holding the celebrations at your house this year, you've got  more room and you've got more time to do stuff because you don't work?"  

"If  it's too much trouble to come & spend one day for the sake of  your family, then don't bother  (slams phone down) ?"

Are any of these sounding familiar?   

To those family members and  friends let me flip the tables and ask why you haven't yet educated yourselves on the subject of M.E despite the illness being around for decades?  Despite professing to love &  care about us?  
Let me firstly apologize for the inconvenience our illness  may cause you, but the thing is M.E isn't just for one day, it's a chronic complex physical illness that we have 365 days a year , no different to Ms,  heart disease, Asthma, Arthritis, Epilepsy etc . Despite the misconceptions M.E isn't a choice.  

There are those that think M.E sufferers are selective in what they do and don't do?.........Too bloody right.

When the illness's primary symptom is exhaustion and you have to fraction in to your every day  whether you'll have enough energy to get washed, dressed , eat and even take a crap, upsetting Uncle Arthur for not turning up to the opening of  a new pair of socks has to fall somewhat down the list of priorities. M.E isn't a choice, it can't just be switched on and off to suit.

Oh the joy if it could?  We'd be switching it off so that we could go  to work, that place we'd spent  half our lives, a job we loved, surrounded by the  banter, and laughter of our colleagues, we'd be switching it off so that we could  attend the funerals of our family and friends and say goodbye and share memories along with everyone else?

We'd be switching it off, so that we could be a bridesmaid at our best friends wedding,  or cheer our nephew on as he comes out of the church with his bride? 

We'd be switching it off so that we could spend whatever precious time we have on this earth plane making memories with you the family and friends we love, but M.E doesn't always afford us that. As to how much energy if any we're given is based on moment to moment. In my own case, as with many other M.E sufferers, I can go from looking fine  to chatting and laughing to being bedbound and unable to do anything all within 20 minutes.....THAT is the cruel nature of M.E, it's not a choice......& M.E! It's Not Just For Christmas.

                                                              Stay Blessed
                                                          Back Before Elvis x


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