So I'm sat here with bottled water and a couple of grapes...... all part of my  good intentions, although I can't help wishing the grapes had cheesecake attached. Apart from getting buff I'd also like to  get to grips with music software, finish the book I started writing & a heap of other stuff....probability of it happening? ....Er.....well.......

The problem is my inner chimp just won't shut up with thoughts and ideas and eventually It becomes overwhelming and sabotages any chance of getting  started ....sound familiar?  
So to gag the chimp, I decided to choose just one of my good intentions, grab a pen and paper & create a three step WHAT? HOW? WHEN? plan to get there. 
1. WHAT?  Get Fit  
2. HOW? Purchase something that I could do at home.
3. WHEN? I will do it -every day, some time  bewteen 3-4pm 

By creating a plan of action with three easy steps and putting it somewhere I can see, I'm more likely to stick to it, after all, we all operate better when we know what we're doing and when don't we?  

WHAT? HOW? WHEN? can be applied to any dream/goal that you have for 2017.You can also add pictures to help motivate depending on what you want to do...Which brings me onto....... 

As part of my WHAT? HOW? WHEN? plan I've just purchased a WonderCore.  It wasn't until it arrived that I remembered  I have more ailments than the medical journal can cope with, M.E, Fibro & Osteoporosis to name just three, so I was either optimistic or stupid? Turns out my optimism was justified. 

The Wondercore is absolutely brilliant, it supports your back so well it means that even the most decrepit  amongst us can do a few sit ups. Yes I'm a bit sore but that's to be expected. It will take me longer than most......alot longer, by which time i'll probably have no teeth & be incontinent but I figure I'll  be the buffest 93 year old in the neighborhood? 

 I would recommend you avoid purchasing from the actual Wondercore site as there seems to be alot of credit card & customer service problems, Instead head over to Argos  it's the same price £79.99 has great reviews and was delivered without a fuss. I will keep you updated on my quest for  buffness in future Columns.  

Next up for the music-heads  this mini guitar case lunchbox, to keep you rocking through the day, in a sale at £8.95 from Genie Gadgets

Next up for all you greenies from the world land trust whose patron is Sir David Attenborough. You can help save a rain forest by buying some of the land, name an orchid, plant a tree and a heap of other good things all starting at £25, a really interesting and uplifting site.
There is a big event being talked about today.

No, not the inauguration of the 45th President of the USA – although we are thankful to the President-Elect for supporting our Centre of Excellence campaign at such a busy time.

The big event is the ‘Norway to Norwich’ visit by the Haukeland University team of ME researchers from Bergen, Norway. We expect a busy week filled with events ranging from planned TV interviews to public lectures and a working dinner with our advisers and some of the researchers whose research is funded by the charity. We also have a serious and intensive whole day workshop to discuss the research achievements in Norway and the collaboration with the Invest in ME Research-funded researchers in UK in planning the UK rituximab trial, which will take place at the Centre of Excellence for ME in Norwich.
The Quadram Institute in Norwich Research Park is rapidly taking shape and progress can be followed here  - and the head of the Institute of Food Research and Quadram Institute – Professor Ian Charles – will be opening
our 12th International ME Conference in London – full of continuing international collaboration.

Closer to home it has been harder work in getting collaboration going with establishment organisations.

In London last week, we saw some of the amazing landmarks that one never ceases to admire. Unfortunately, we did not have time to go sightseeing as we had arranged a meeting with the Chief Medical Officer of England in Whitehall.
Our party [see here] made it clear that past and current policies regarding ME have been based on bad science. We were well prepared but the meeting went as we had predicted – showing an extraordinary lack of awareness by the CMO’s office of the situation regarding ME in the UK.
We felt the issues need to be followed up and we have agreed to a meeting again later in the year. 

However, giving up is not an option. In the words of another president.
And now onto.......
This weeks word is "Plan" late 17th century originating from the French word Plante meaning to plant, ground plan, & was probably  influenced by the Italian word Planta? meaning plan of a building. A Plan is a scheme or method of acting, doing, proceeding, making etc,  which takes us back to what I was saying earlier, to have a strong possibility of success, before we start anything we need to have a plan of action first then plant it, start putting that plan into action....so what are you waiting for?    
It could be argued that most of us creative types are self indulgent & I wouldn't disagree,  but once in a very rare blue moon it's taken to a whole other level of genius. The last time I listened to such an album was Kanye Wests "My beautiful dark twisted fantasy"  

And then along comes the folk equivalent in Kate Dimbleby.  Her Songbirds album recorded and released on the Independent Folkstock label 23rd February & produced by Lauren Deakin Davies 
is an absolute corker. 
The album is accapella, something we haven't had in the mainstream for many years and by layering her vocals Kate creates an exciting backing ambience that dances around & cradles her main vocal, techniques that were inspired by her time in New York learning from  Bobby "Dont Worry Be Happy" Mcferrin" .

The daughter of broadcaster David Dimbleby and classically trained mother Josceline, Kate has already released five solo albums and toured the world with her one woman show, but it's taken 20 yrs for her to show us what she's really all about and boy has it been worth the wait. Each track is an intimate honest performance that draws you in and holds you there til the very end and believe you me you won't want it to end. Songbirds is a masterpiece that deserves every award going and I hope the industry delivers.
The single Musical Boxes is released on 27th January. More info at Folkstock Records

Next up on  Eargasm & no stranger to the Column is man of many talents Tom Craven, the singer/songwriter has a release coming up on the 1st February with "Magpie" followed by the video on 14th February. 

I've been privvy to a preview and there's a plethora of talent involved including Lauren Merrifield of The Caution Horses/Faeries, Singer/Songwriter Sophie Ray & Joshua Saunders from  Toms own band The Chapter & cover art by Jonny Fox also from The Caution Horses. It's a collaboration that works extremely well in all areas and is sure to please his present following while also attracting a new audience & maybe   evoke more toonage from this talented posse? 

After listening to Toms last EP "In Rivers" there's no mistaking  his a gent with a tale to be told.  There’s a modern day Shakespeare to music vibe going on with Cravens offerings. I’ve had “Beneath The Burning Moon” on replay. 

Definitely not  "much ado about nothing" you’ll want to pin your ears back for what can only be described as a Midsummer nights dream. His website is under going maintenance at the moment but you'll still find links to all his stuff at Tom Craven.

As a proud Watfordian I couldn't end this Column without mentioning the sad passing of one of my childhood heroes, the legendary Watford Football Manager Graham Taylor. While no push over, he wasn't just a manager, he was very much a family man, he cared about people and those values became an integral part of the whole club from player to fans. 

I remember when he took us into the first division & later the premier league, each time there was an almighty surge of pride that could be felt throughout the whole town, & there was a shift that saw those who hated football,  the rugby & cricket fans & even  little old ladies suddenly  talking Watford Football Club & Graham Taylor.  Sadly days we're  unlikely to ever see again, there was only one Graham Taylor after all.  What I do know is that no matter how much Watford Football Club changes the fans will always remain true to Taylors values. As we say "Watford Til I Die" and Graham Taylor will always be a Hornet.  
Well that's it for another fortnight. See you back here 3rd Feb. Feel free to get in touch, it's always good to hear from you, and if you make music or know someone that does and would like to be considered for the  "Eargasm" music section. Contact me via inbox 
                                Until then, Stay Blessed
                                   Back Before Elvis X     
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