Google And A Teabag

Good Morning, bring a cuppa and the whole freakin packet of biccies with you, you're gonna need them...ready? ......... 

Until recently I didn't have a dentist because as per usual, I couldn't find one to accommodate a few basic needs due to health issues, like not being able to lie completely flat because I can't breath. I don't don't know about you, but breathing comes in quite handy? 

So last Sunday at midnight ,spitting poison with three infected back teeth, excruciating pain and a  red shiny fat face that had me resembling a Puffa fish I found myself at Watfords A & E . There were only about five people waiting but a few had bought the whole family along for a jolly.

Nobody could understand the wait when it was so quiet but for Nurses  strolling around, a few with an evident  chip on their shoulders. By 3am I was  shuffling uncomfortably on the  bright blue metal seat while a lady with  mental health issues sung "There's a hole in my bucket Dear Liza, Dear Liza (Pause) then fix it you stupid bitch" at the top of her voice. ....Where's Jeremy Kyle when you need him?  

Despite explaining that I also had Myalgic Encephalomylitis (M.E) I wasn't seen until 5.30am  by which time I was not only sleep deprived I was  in pain just about everywhere.

I had some bloods taken and given a prescription for antibiotics and then left waiting again ....and  waiting..... and waiting...and ....yep okay you get the drift? 

While I was waiting, a few nurses gathered at the end of my cubicle to discuss how ambulances were backing up in the main department but they weren't going to go and help   because those in the main department hadn't come to help  them at A & E . This was the same playground mentality that was going on when I had my Op back in 2012...sadly it seems some things never change?

By  7.50am, unable to physically sit and wait any longer I discharged myself explaining once again to a doctor and nurse that I had Myalgic Encephalomyelitis and had been there all night , to which a nurse sarcastically piped up "As have we all" 

By the afternoon the jaw pain had become unbearable again, so I phoned my GP's surgery to speak to a doctor and explain my situation, and while she eventually agreed to leave me a prescription for strong pain killers , anyone would've thought by her attitude that I'd phoned in for a Chinese takeaway.

So..... I decided to turn to google for some help, I would just  like to state here that you have to operate with some common sense when using google otherwise you could end up with all sorts of things in all sorts of orifices.  But the suggested Teabag seemed quite harmless if not bonkers, but desperate times call for desperate measures.

All I can say is holy moly to my amazement it only bloomin' worked a treat. You take a normal Teabag, dip it in some warm water, give  it a little squeeze and then pack it in your mouth wherever the infection is and leave it there for 30 mins.  Something in the tannin draws the infection out, and I immediately noticed a difference, so I repeated the process three more times over the day and again the next day  until the swelling had gone down. 

Next stop was to find a dentist...and I did.....only they failed to tell me it was up three steep flights of stairs. As someone with M.E this  was like climbing  a huuuuuge mountain and I was  regretting not bringing a flag to take the obligatory "I've made it" Selfie at the top. 

I will be back there later today, not only to face the challenge of another  climb but to also have two extractions. Yaaay! so much excitement for a Friday.

My experience of the N.HS. was  a reminder once again of  26 yrs ago when I first became ill, and was faced with medical professionals who were clueless, ignorant and totally incompassionate to M.E and I couldn't help but feel the same fear I felt all those years ago. Just when I  think things are changing, to be faced with the reality that maybe they aren't is crushing to say the least. But onwards and upwards, our  battle to raise awareness and bring change must continue regardless. 

Onto Gizmo/Gadget/Gift and you can  LOL! Angry Face or Snooze all you want with this  Emoji double duvet cover just £14.99 Also comes in a Single. Certainly made me.......Smile

More than just an impressive piece of jewellery  is the security  Mband ring  a great invention being marketed at women although in todays society I think it would do well with both sexes . You have the app on your smartphone which is synchronized to your ring and  in an emergency you press a button on the ring and it alerts the emergency call center who will send  police, it even has a tracking device so they can find you if you're moving around, also handy if you're kidnapped I guess? The device also sends out an alert and your location to your designated family and friends. It's equipped with a  fail safe trigger, but if by chance it does go off by accident there's a 30 second cancellation button . Sad something like this is needed really, but we can't be naive,anything that helps to keep people safe has got to be a good thing? 

And lastly the Colido 3D Printer is some gizmo indeed, not your normal printer, it's an easy 6 piece self assembly kit with a sale price of  just £219   It's a first step into the world of 3D printing and suitable for adults and kids and allows you to bring  your imagination to life.

Moving on ..........
It is summer and it means holidays for most - but not for Invest in ME volunteers.
Fundraising for our strategy of biomedical research projects continues with numerous schemes being set up to raise awareness and funds by a great team of supporters.

Since the June conference in London the charity has been busy getting the DVD of the event ready for delivery. The many hours of film footage need to be edited to a format that contains information in an accessible form, avoids unnecessary gaps, unplanned noises, comments or delays. And now the DVD is about to be distributed – IIMEC11 A New Decade of Invest in ME - Research.

As ME is such an underfunded and under researched condition it is supporters of our charity that enable us to provide the latest education on research into ME – and build a strategy based on international collaboration in translational biomedical research – which looks for causes rather than simplistic psychological remedies that waste time and money – and lives.
Unfortunately, the NHS provides very little for ME patients and the services do not match the demand.

Patients and carers rely on the internet and charities like ours to provide the information. Kjersti Krisner from Norway spoke at the pre- conference dinner about very severely ill ME patients and she said they are so grateful when someone cares about them. They live in hope and are so happy if they improve a little.
Kjersti’s wonderful, positive pre-conference presentation is a must-see – and will open our IIMEC11 conference DVD.

Todays word is "Gadget"  which  first came to light in 1886 and used as a nautical term  by sailors to describe  any small device or mechanism or part of  a ship, there were so many parts to a ship that at times the names would be forgotten and referred instead as a gadget  or other weird things such as Chicken fixing, timmery-noggy, wim-wom, and gill-guy. In the 1920's the word Widget was recorded and was used as an alternative to gadget, but it wasn't until the 90's that a widget became  a specific device  used in certain  beer cans to introduce nitrogen into the beer giving it a creamy head. 

Oh No, yet more bad news for Watford and proud Watfordians, The Artico Art Centre is in danger of being handed over to property developers . As if Watford hasn't been destroyed enough, with its characterless and Soulless  new builds,  just more bars, more eateries, money money, profit profit.   Artico isn't just another building, its a unique individual, like flesh and bone it has a personality , a warmth, a life ,a soul. This is happening in  towns all across the country, are we going to just sit and roll over?  Please take a moment to sign the petition and pass it on to your friends, lets come together and say enough is enough. 

Wednesday 10th August  is Watford Spoken Word  8pm start Free entry at  Rodells on the Broadway 94-96 Queens Rd Watford WD17 2LA.  If you're on Twitter show some love & follow Watford Poetry @diversepoetry  

Before we depart for another fortnight can I ask for your Feedback? Firstly you'll be pleased to hear that far from losing readers since Its departure from the  Watford Observer, the Column continues to  gain more readers than ever, so thank-you for the support. 

Of course it was sad,  and a situation I kept trying very hard to resolve. The Column was hitting number one most popular read every week and has a global following and I appreciated housing it at the Watford Observer but I wasn't prepared to put up with the disrespect any longer,  there comes a time where you have to say enough is enough.    

Originally I was only  going to house  it here temporarily, but a number of you have messaged to say you're actually loving it and prefer it  as its easier to read and comment.  If that's the case, I'm quite happy to continue the Column here and will go with the majority, so please let me know?  Also are you happy with font size or would you like it bigger? to have teeth pulled.
                           So til Friday 19th August , Stay Blessed
                                       Back Before Elvis xxx


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