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Good Morning, for those that didn't see my announcement on social media last night, unfortunately the Watford Observer have let me down yet again, its become a regular occurrence that I find highly disrespectful and something I'm no longer prepared to accept . In the latest move, having removed the Columnist section of the newspaper for the second time in a month, when I went in last night to proof read the column i'd spent a fortnight working on, they'd also  removed my admin page, which meant I couldn't even go in to retrieve all the work. 

But never one to roll over i've decided to stay up tonight  and start putting it all together again  and publish it this morning on here instead and I hope you will still enjoy it?  So, are you ready?........Ironically this week it's about Stress?......

I saw a wonderful quote this week “ I Stress about Stress before there’s even Stress to Stress about”  I’m sure that’s true for most of us?..........

Stress is when a person feels under too much pressure mentally and/or emotionally and starts feeling unable to cope, and the problem with us Brits is we’re not very good at talking about it and finding a solution are we ?

However, Like the rest of the family I’m still struggling badly to deal with the loss of my two siblings last year. I’ve been battling with the DWP since February, and there’s my M.E, Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Scoliosis……you still awake? & the constant limitations that chronic illness brings.  So, every once in a while I get stressed and last week I reluctantly went to the Docs.

The GP, as predicted was about as helpful as a trap door on a Life boat and I was in and out quicker than England at the Euros….in fact I was probably in a bit longer, but it was a reminder of why I don’t usually go to the Docs and unfortunately it’s the same for a lot of people.

There is no quick fix, or one glove fits all when dealing with stress, it’s about doing what’s right for you. As someone who lives a yogic lifestyle, I've just upped the meditation, it really helps you to focus on the moment  and nothing else, and when you think about it, we can’t change yesterday and we can’t do anything about tomorrow until comes?

I don't really like sharing deep and meaningful when it comes to myself, but the reason for sharing this slip into  Stressville with you  is to say “Hey, if a tough cookie like me can talk about it then you can too”

I’ve also discovered a very good website “Stress Management Society” with lots of free tips  We all get stressed from time to time but don’t let it spiral out of control, if a websites not enough then talk to someone, family, friend, me, anyone. Everything has to start somewhere, so start by  taking  care of you.

Before moving on, i'd like to pay tribute to the five M.E sufferers who have died in the last few weeks. 
Jodi Bassett, Tink Bastion, Louise Ramage, Linda Hayes Burke & Yvonne Smith. To lose so many in such a short space of time has rocked the M.E community, because we are a community, a family, and when one hurts we all hurt. But we need to take that hurt and use it to make us stronger and to keep on fighting to raise awareness and much needed funds for research, diagnostic test and eventually a cure. One M.E Sufferer, Sophie tennent has set up a JustGiving page
and all money raised will be donated to Charity Invest In ME's research trials.
 Onto Gizmo/gadget/gift Well you can’t actually buy one of these guys known as “Spot Mini” just yet, 

but the possibilities of these robots by Boston Dynamics, being hailed as a cross between a dog and a giraffe are not only huuuuge but also rather scary, in fact it reminds me of hiding behind the sofa with my sister watching Dr Who between the cracks of our fingers , and this could well be the future my friends, check out the video:

Something you can purchase is the bath pug, a plug with the awww factor I think you’ll agree? Available from Zavvi for £7.99, they’ve got a Mix & Match & three gifts for £20 deal going on at the moment so worth a visit: 
Next up, appealing to my humour are these animal vases and icon plant pot holders starting from £12.50  The zebra and Audrey Hepburn are a particular fave and you can get your hands on them by going to  The Joy Store

In a week when divisions appeared in Europe and in the UK and when the focus on what keeps us apart is emphasised more than what binds us together then it may be difficult to see any universally accepted positives.
How will this affect plans and research into this disease?
Research into ME has been so mismanaged over the last decades that even basic statistics are missing from ME literature - such as accurate numbers and causes of death – still leaving ME a ‘mystery’ or ‘invisible’ illness – the result of the lack of any coherent UK or European strategy. So we are changing that.

In June the charity organised 4 days of research meetings for ME in London – and the overriding mood was one of sharing, working together, collaboration.
International boundaries and different cultures meant nothing as researchers and clinicians and patients came together from all over the world – to make progress in research into ME.
At our research Colloquium we forged new collaborations across countries to identify new research paths.
The new European ME Research Group strategy was presented and will work toward progress regardless of recent news.
And so will the charity. The theme for our research colloquium was borrowed from Henry Ford –
“Coming together is a beginning;
keeping together is progress;
working together is success”

We continue to promote international collaboration and partnership in research into ME as it is quickest path to finding treatments for this disease.
The charity will soon supply funds for another, European, student to assist with the current B-cell funded by the charity. We will be arranging for at least one member of the European ME Research Group to go to an international conference in Fort Lauderdale in the autumn. We continue to attempt to drive forward European research partnerships.
International cooperation, collaboration and working together with a common aim continues to be our strategy.
ME respects no national boundaries – so neither will our strategy for ME.

It was a surprise to learn that  in Mediveval English  “Nice” started life as a negative word, meaning, fool, ignorant & silly and went on to  an even  larger range of negativity in the form of  cowardly, fragile, unmanly, strange to name just a few. In Shakespeares “Love Labour Lost” when he talks of nice wenches, he was talking about disreputable women. Although it’s not quite known how or why it changed, in the 16th century it started to be used in a more positive light. A letter found in 1769  reaffirms this “ I intend to dine with Mrs Borgrave and take a nice walk” . I often use the word “Nice”, however I prefer to eat it…….

Get your diaries out….oh hang on…I’m probably the only person left on the planet to carry a diary? Lets start again……Get your Smartphones out…better?  Just make sure you lock in Saturday 9th July because you’re going to be getting happy at  Courtlands Fun day. This event held at Goodwood Recreational ground is virtually in my back garden and I love anything that brings the community together.  The other reason to appreciate this day is because a lot of people go to a lot of trouble to make this a successful yearly event.  Members of the Courtlands residents association, WCHT, councillors from WBC, The local shops on Goodwood Parade & the Community Police. I’ve already put in an order for Sunshine, but whatever the weather, I hope to see you there? 
Watford Spoken Word is Back on Wednesday  6th July at Rodells on The Broadway 94-96 Queens Rd Free Entry starts at 8pm 

Remember tomorrow Saturday 2nd July is Garston Spiritualist Church Psychic fair, private readings available, gift stalls, BBQ  etc….I heard there will be cake too , and the word “Cake” is enough for me to go anywhere.  Free Entry 12-5

Before I go, i'd like to give two  Big  Birthday shout outs to my very dear friend Nannete Grace and also my childhood icon Debbie Harry, may you eat, drink and be merry....very merry.   

And a last note on stress, I'm fairly chilled for a woman as long as you adhere to these rules:  Don’t talk to me until at least ten o’clock…… PM preferably, & to avoid my happy hormones switching off and awaking Chucky, make sure there’s chocolate & decent crisps in the vicinity at all times   Ah, I can hear the marriage proposals coming in already? 
                     Til next ime, Stay Blessed
                         Back Before Elvis xxx


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