Runnin For M.E & YOU

I’ve been meaning to write this article for so long but have always got side-tracked  with a billion things to do and the energy of a tortoise to do it with , but those of you with M.E will already know that, the rest of you might not….but you do now.

However, I felt it was important, because you’re important. And I wanted to explain why your support of the Runnin On Empty Column at the Watford Observer every Friday is vital, not only to raise awareness of M.E & the charity Invest In ME but how you’re also helping to change perceptions too.

For every one of you that reads it, shares it on Facebook or Google, RT's it on Twitter , you should know that the newspaper keep statistics, so they get to see how well an article or column is doing and if lucky it will enter into the TOP 20 most popular read listed on the Front page.

This makes it even more visible to the browsing public and more likely that others will read it too, which means more shares & RT’s. Last week for the very First time, you all got the Column to Number 1.

I’ve always been grateful for it to get in the top 20 but as Football usually dominates many of the top spots, I never imagined we’d hit Number one.  I even took a picture in case it never happens again, although I’m certainly hoping it does.

Although the Watford Observer is a local newspaper it is read by 1000’s of people around the world, from my own Column alone I know there are readers from China, Denmark, New Zealand, Canada, France  and the USA. so you can see the potential ?  No other newspaper or magazine gives the subject of M.E a weekly mention.

I receive no financial gain for writing the Column, it’s an unsalaried position, but as part of the Lets Do It For Me team   when I was given the opportunity to write a general column with the free reign  to drop in a small M.E section every week, it was far too good an opportunity to let slip.

 I hope  you now understand the importance of your weekly support and just how far your M.E awareness is going?

In this coming Fridays Column    “ VICTIM OR VICTOR”  I’ve given the M.E section  probably the biggest its ever had in terms of word count and  still having to fit in the rest of the topics , and I  hope you'll enjoy it and  continue your weekly support , 

                                    with Love  & appreciation

                              Mama Chill  a.k.a Runnin On Empty  x


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