Runnin On Empty

Hi, Some of you will know that awhile ago I decided to  take a step back from social media in a social capacity, but more about that in a minute.

First onto the good news. Due to the popularity of the Runnin On Empty Gage Merchandise that I had in my Music store I’ve been beavering away creating designs based on the original gage  and also creating totally new ones to open a separate charity based store called…? Well it’s a no brainer….” Runnin On Empty”
All profit from each sale will be donated to charity. 50% will go to Invest In ME 
on a regular bi-monthly basis when profit is paid out, the other 50%  will go to various other charities and good causes and will be announced at the time. 

It’s been a huge struggle getting it up and running (No pun intended) so I’m hoping you’re going to like the designs and be willing to share the site around with your friends and followers?  

Once again you will be able to post pics of yourself with your newly purchased items and leave comments on the new store site. All pics posted in my Mama Chill music store will remain, it just means you're  raising
double awareness :) I've just ordered a "Bones" T-shirt  myself and will post up a pic when it arrives.

So as for stepping back I'm not in the most brilliant place physically or mentally right now but that's the beauty of illness, no matter who you are or what the illness, it has a way of unscrewing the lid, filling you with frustration to combustible
amounts & then putting the lid back on. I'm still around, and thinking of you all, it's not that I've emigrated to outer Mongolia or anything. But so much time is lost on places like Facebook, precious time in cases of limited energy. You pop on juuuuuuuust to update your status,promising yourself you wont stay on too long,  start  reading friends posts, liking others, adding comments and before you know it  it's Lunchtime, and you need to rest, but you're in the middle of a conversation with someone so you tell them you'll be back later & all too soon the days over and very little has been achieved.

I'm also aware, as I'm sure many of you are that long periods online seem to worsen our symptoms? I have a few M.E friends who only get emails every now and then but wont sign up to  any social media sites because they get too sick being online. 

With health seemingly deteriorating I want to make the most of the
precious time and try and make it count for something, hence the new merchandise designs and store for starters. I'm also writing a book, trying to do some volunteering with the elderly like I used to do and  drawing up the storyboard for the next Music video just so  that I generally feel as though something's been achieved at the end of each day no matter how small. There's also the Christmas M.E Competition to organise that i'll be holding in November, So  I'm buying bits in  ready.  I know that for many, Facebook is a life-line especially for those that are alone, or that just want to be surrounded by like minded people, abeit virtual. Some however are comfortable to be alone and I for one being an anti-social grumpy git have no problem at all LOL!,  So i'm still on line in small bursts but just trying to make it count. 

                                              Luv To All
                                                       Stay Blessed

                                                   Back Before Elvis XXX


  1. Always pleased to see a post from you,just take care of yourself.Stay blessed too matey. xxx :)

  2. Thanx :) You too, will email you later :) xxx

  3. Good to hear from you xxx will be ordering one of those pink gage tshirts to go with my pink hair! Thinking of you, hope signs of improvement are around the corner xxx

  4. Lovely to hear from you again and get an update ~ am inspired and amazed by what you achieve even when feeling so depleted and fully appreciate the need to step away from the draining force of social media. I will defo be making further purchases from your store as LOVE the running on empty merch and am eager to see future new designs too. Take care of you first and foremost and sending big loves your way xx

  5. Yaaaay! Ruth, you've joined the PinkyPoo club lol! I've seen your hair it looks gorgeous, really suits you, and its cheerful, especially on those days where illness doesn't allow us to really feel it . :) Tanya I will email you this weekend for a catch up on you and your awesome family. :) XXX

  6. I'm not in "the loop" with your regular followers, Mama Chill, but am so glad to see another posting. Am forwarding to my daughter, who has M.E. She needs some cheering up this weekend, and your positiveness will surely help. xx

  7. Thank-you Carol, sending Luv to you and your daughter along with some healing vibes. I know how hard it must be to be a mother and see your child suffering but feeling helpless. My mum often tells me that, but like I say to her just being there and understanding means the world, because sadly many dont. XXX

  8. I so much appreciate your "healing vibes." And just appreciate you. Wishing you a bright weekend. Hoping your new venture will take off beautifully and give you much deserved success. xx

  9. Glad that you are still around. You've been missed. I think it's amazing all that you achieve and do despite your own health difficulties. You are an inspiration. Sending much love to you xxxxx


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