LP?...Is It All Spin?

After Yesterdays  ping pong Twitter banter  with  Mr Parker I thought I would make my views clearer, and tha reasoning behind those views.
I consider myself a positive, open
minded person of reasonable
intelligence…..oh yes, I know how to use a knife and fork dontcha know?  

& I’ve strong belief that without doubt there are those that can improve from M.E, especially newly diagnosed, as with any other illness the earlier it’s caught the better the chances.  I also firmly  believe that there are many alternative  things out there that can help with symptoms, alleviate certain symptoms,  & generally bring  comfort, I know this because I’ve tried many of them ………

I’ve gagged from the foul Chinese concoctions I drank while holding my nose twice a day for three months,  which was no mean feat seeing as it resembled someones bowel contents after a vindaloo and 10 pints & smelt just as bad. Every window in the house had to be thrown open , in fact I think my mother came close to throwing me out one of those windows just so she wouldn’t have to deal with the daily smell. Luckily for me, having noticed no difference apart from a dwindling bank account I decided to stop our sufferance.

Then there was autogenic  training,  aromatherapy, acupuncture, energy healing, homeopathy,  alexander technique, osteopathy,  chiropractic’s, naturopathy…….you still awake?......

bach flower remedies, meditation,  massage, hypnosis, CBT, Dietary supplements, reflexology, acupressure……& the point is I’m open minded to training programmes, alternative therapies & remedies…especially the Beer Spa in Czech Republic where people kick back in a vat of the  beverage while also supping a pint which is  supposed to soothe muscles and joints, improve complexion and induce relaxation…. I cant say I’ve tried this last one but I’m certainly up for doing so.

My not very good opinion of the Lightening Process hasn’t come from listening to the angry judgement of others. Or those on the other side who claim  to  have ditched the wheelchair , danced out of that  evangelical school, arms aloft to start a new life with the circus.  Back in my jurrasic day LP was deemed just as possible and as wacky a cure as  any of the others around , more intriguing even as nobody seemed to have a clue to what it entailed, so I was excited when one of  my friends said she was going to give it a go.

I thought like most peeps do, Great, she can go first and then if its really awfull and her brain gets fried or something, I’ll know not to do it.

The first alarm bell came  when she rang me to say she phoned to enquire about LP  but found the women to be bossy & condescending, then she received a questionnaire, and had an interview, only to be told she wasn’t suitable for the course.  She couldn’t understand why she’d been turned down. Remember, this is someone whose vulnerable & very poorly hoping for the chance to try something that could potentially make them well …or so we were made to believe at that time.

She was really upset by the rejection which caused unnecessary stress. She phoned up to ask why she’d been turned down but nobody would tell her, they just told her to wait for a letter and  she could apply again in X amount of months time. When she received the letter it still didn’t say why she was turned down, you’re just told you’re not suitable, or you’re not ready. I find this to be extremely cruel, for someone that’s already ill to then have the added worry of feeling they’re not good enough.

However I still decided to go ahead because as with everything in life I prefer to find out for myself. So  I paid £20 for the book they suggest you read first to prepare you….check. Then  I rang up but felt as though I was about 14 being spoken to by a school mistress, my first impression was I wasn’t impressed , I found the women extremely arrogant, she came across as though they were doing me a massive favour by letting me give them £900, But second hurdle over…check.  So I continued to the questionnaire , but got stuck on questions like “Will you commit to  coming every day for three days and complete the seminar, yes? No? Maybe?  

So I rang up and explained that a few of my answers would be  “Maybe” because while I was willing to commit, my body may not allow me on the day, but I didn’t know whether “Maybe” would get me turned down?
The LP advisor suggested It probably wouldn’t be worth me going any further as I  wouldn’t be deemed suitable for the course.

I hadn’t  even filled in the form at that stage so I asked If I were to tick  “yes” on all the questions that would’ve been “Maybe”  whether I’d be accepted, and she said “No, because you’ve already told me you would have put “Maybe”  and you have to come ready with an open mind and positive attitude and commit”

I argued that I was all of those things but when you have a physical illness it isn’t always possible, But like a recorded message she kept repeating that I wasn’t suitable but I could try again at a later date.

Even though I was big & ugly enough to shake it off ,  when I first came off the phone I felt angry, and started questioning myself, my worth, which made me even crosser, because there are very poorly people out there who wouldn’t have the tools to just shake it off and realise it’s not them that’s at fault here.

It was then I started researching Mr Parker and his school further  and found many dodgy  questionable aspects. He boasts an 85% success rate, but when your hand picking your clients surely that’s to be expected?  Since those days I’ve met many people from the LP school and had conversations with them on the subject &  its  quite disturbing , it reminds me of the Stepford Wives.  There’s a total similarity in vocabulary, body language, defence & arrogance . For me its more Cult than school. Its as though their defending a religion.


But back to M.E, although the worldwide health organisation have it listed as a neurological disease until there is a definitive test, nobody will know for sure. Doctors & consultants are dealing with so many patients that they  are being forced into lazy easy options. I remember years ago talking to  some who admitted off record that when someone presents with symptoms  where tests come back negative or inconclusive they no longer had the time to go into it further so they just threw them under the ME/CFS umbrella, this means that people with mental illness, children with growing pains, people with temporary virus/infections were all just being thrown into the ME/CFS pot, as one consultant said “As long as people have a diagnosis, and a name for something their generally happy,  & it gets them out the door”.

This is where the likes of the Phil Parker school become dangerous, because people claiming to have M.E are doing the programme and then shouting they’ve been “cured”  . If a programme consisting of basic coaching skills, can cure physical illness, then the drug companies should be running scared surely? Either those believing they had  M.E  have been wrongly diagnosed  or Mr Parker has acquired godly  powers, ? If he is curing physical illness then what about those with definitive test?  I’ve not yet seen or heard any cancer or heart patients falling to their knees shouting hallelujah weve been cured?. 
You cant cure something unless you know what it is you’re curing, and seeing as nothings conclusive at this stage & there’s no definitive test, all the claims of  “his cured my M.E” just don’t wash and that’s why this  is one LP I wont be spinning.

                                          Stay Blessed
                                        Back Before Elvis
                                          Mama Chill  XXX   


  1. Interesting... I'm looking into doing LP for an autoimmune disease at the moment. The main reason I want to do it is because some of my friends have made amazing recoveries from various illnesses using it- one of them had ME for 20 years and now has her life back. Of course, I know that not everyone has first hand examples like that to rely on and I think it's understandable to be skeptical if you don't- you can't just rely on internet testimonials! But having read all the stuff online and the book, I've come to some different conclusions to you. I actually think it's a good thing that they assess where you're at before accepting you onto a course- I wouldn't want to waste my money (and it is expensive) if they felt I wasn't able to get the most out of it. After all, it is a training programme, rather than a passive 'cure', so I think you have to be willing/able to fully commit to the course and give it your all. About physical illnesses, I've read quite a bit about LP being used to help the symptoms of MS, which seems pretty encouraging to me. Apparently an MS research group did a small study into it, with very positive results. That reassures me that it can help with conditions that are medically recognised and verifiable. Of course, I haven't actually taken the training yet, so my thoughts might change if/when I have! But at the moment, I'm feeling positive about it based on the stuff I've read and seen.

  2. Hi Lauren appreciate you're commenting, Obviously i can only go by my own 24 yr experience with M.E, & the subjetc of LP, close friends experience and the research i've done. Whats not noted is there are alot of people made worse by LP,The government have always looked for an easy way out, hence only funding psychiatric treatment & despite no scientific studies into LP, no definitive test for M.E, trials are carried out on childern which i dont think is acceptable. By someone reporting to be "cured" from M.E when there's no proof of what M.E is yet apart from a physical illness, by reporting to be "cured" from the illness, it just lends weight to the governments funding for psychiatric treatment. If I thought for one minute M.E was a psychiatric illness i'd have no problem in holding my hands up because it would mean i could get the appropriate treatment and get "cured" but I know its not of mental illness but of physical basis and it could well be a disease of the nervous system as the world health org say, it would certainly make sense of symtoms, but we wont know until the research is done and a definitive test is found. But that it just my personal opinion, until both M.E research and test, and LP gets some real scientific proof , this debate will rage on i'm sure. But i wish you well on your LP journey and hope that it brings you whatever your hoping for. Thanx again, stay blessed ;) XXX

  3. Thanks! I get what you're saying and why you're concerned about the LP being hailed as the cure for ME. Just one thing that struck me reading your reply- you seem very wary of people claiming to be cured when there's no proof of what ME is, so their claims that LP helped can't be backed up. Completely understandable. But you seem happy to state as fact that a lot of people are made worse by LP... surely using the same logic we should be equally wary of claiming that too, as there's no test to prove that their ME really is worse, any more than there is to prove that it's better in the people who LP has helped? xx

  4. Hi Lauren no not wary, if people believe they've been "cured" then it can only be a good thing for them. What I am extremely wary of is Mr Parker and his methods and his motives. I'm sure you know how it all started With Alex Howard who now runs the optimum Health Clinic.. I'm not a lover of that as an alternative either, but having researched both and had friends attend both i do believe that Alex's heart & motives are in the right place. I also fancy giving the Guptar programme a go at some stage.
    Apart from everything in my blog and other reply I also dont like the fact LP is being trialled on children. My neice is a real scientist, and gets really angry that he has the audacity to call himself one. He is now studying a phd, no doubt so he can put Dr Phil Parker. I dont have a problem with people getting better Lauren ,not at all, there are those who have improved just as i did with some of the things listed in my blog, but i do have a problem with the man Phil parker & his methods and motives. Again thats my personal view. 100 people could come out of LP hands aloft shouting their cured, but i personally wouldn't have a bar of him or LP knowing what i know. But like i said i wish you all the best and hope it goes well for you. :) XXX

  5. Hello. I'm another 12th May blogger gradually working through all that day's "bomb" posts.
    I would like to support your comments here whole heartedly.
    I have seen the same mode of proffered treatment in two other fields in corresponding situations: not fully-understood conditions, and desperate sufferers (or their parents.)
    As an optometrist I knew dubious treatments that were on offer for more than one condition for which there is no conventional remedy, and as someone with Asperger's syndrome (late diagnosed) the range of cures and therapies offered in respect of those on the autistic spectrum is both amazing and alarming.

    Bee sting cures. anyone?
    Ha! I've just typed "bee sting cures" into Google and it offered me
    Bee sting cures HIV
    Bee sting cures arthritis
    Bee sting cures cancer
    Bee sting cures swelling
    Bee sting cures MS
    A one-stop shop, it appears...

  6. LOL! well thanx for a good laugh Chris, i certainly needed that today :) Yes its amazing how these charlatans can get away with these wacky cures, and unfortunately there will always be those desperately ill willing to pay out to try, and i dont have a problem with that, my problem is when government and health authorities are willing to fiund stuff like LP out in trials on kids when they are unwilling to back fund research/definitive test for M.E, how can you trial something when you dont know what your curing. I have a couple of young friends with autistism & young adults with Aspergers and one of my friends in her 20's who is just being investigated for Aspergers right now and you're right the therapies offered are indeed alarming. I back on to woodland so i'm about to get naked, cover myself in honey and sit out back waiting to see if i can get stung by the Bees...oh wow, then i could offer it up as a therapy, great idea, see what you've started? LOL! ;) xxx

  7. Great post. Well said!

    Thank you so much for helping raise awareness by participating in the #May12BlogBomb.
    Over 100 posts resulted, and links to the others can be found here: http://sallyjustme.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/May12BlogBombLinks.html


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