Dreams…we all have them, not everyone remembers them, but we all have them and if I had a pound for everyone thats said something like  “oh, I just look my dreams up on the internet”  I would be soooo rich I could afford an Uber Super holiday …..Like somewhere in my dreams may be?

The fact that people often have such disregard for their dreams drives me absolutely nuts and I’ll explain why.  Just like the varying degrees of  M.E & all its complex symptoms, some of us have them all, others just a few, but the illness is very individual to each of us and it’s the same when it comes to dreams, each persons dream is very unique and individual to them.

Dreams are  like a private and personal email that’s sent to your inbox (brain) while you sleep, you have to be in a certain state of consciousness to receive a dream message. I’m sure you’ve never heard someone say, “ You’ll never guess what…I was walking around Asda yesterday afternoon when I had this really weird dream”?  ….unless you’ve fallen asleep in the frozen veg of course?  That’s because You have to be in a state of sleep consciousness to be able to receive your dreams message.

Ten people could have a dream about flying, but it would mean something different to each one, simply because…..well firstly like I mentioned earlier, everyones dream message is unique to them, and secondly you cant base a dream message on just one thing, its not how it works. If you were to google the dream definition for flying, and just accept that as your dream message , it would be like someone writing you an A4 letter , then ripping three  quarters of it off and just sending you the bit left over, you would lose the whole meaning of the letter, you'd have to guess and make assumptions which will probably be totally
wrong....and thats just what's happening when you  pick out one bit of your dream and base that on its meaning.

There are lots of different factors that make up your message, and it’s important that you translate it properly otherwise it really is a waste of time and you're doing yourself a disservice. A dream message is sent to help guide you, its like your own personal sat nav. 

 For example a man/women may say to a dream therapist “ I dreamt I was flying”  the therapist will ask lots of questions, and get you to talk through the whole dream from the beginning with every minute detail you can remember, if you were in a room before you started flying, what was the room like? What was around you? Were the windows open or closed?  Were they dirty or clean? Do you remember any colours? What were you wearing? How were you feeling?  Together you build up the whole of the dream picture and its only by doing so that you get you’re true personal message.

The importance of a dream message is often found in the small detail, the detail that a dreamer often dismisses as meaning nothing,

If you cant find a qualified dream interpreter/therapist  or can but don’t want to pay then I’d think about learning how to do it properly yourself.

The internet is awash with what I call Mickey Mouse interpreters, people who will tell you that a tooth falling out on Monday means you’re in for a win on the lottery, or those who  operate in a one size fits all manner . They’ll give everyone the same  basic meaning but  it wont have any real bearing on your own dream message.
Then there will be those who will chat about your life first then interpret your dream, and while I know the majority of dream therapists/interpreters operate this way, its certainly not a way in which I believe is a correct one.
By discussing a situation before a dream interpretation, both therapist and client have really closed their minds to other options.

It’s best to discuss nothing but the dream, let the therapist interpret the dream, then give it back to you and let you place it where you feel it relates in your life, in most cases not much thinking is required as  it will be pretty evident. Then of course, you can discuss it with the therapist and tell them how it relates to whats happening in your life…....or not if the case may be  lol!

A good dream interpreter would have studied for years,  and just like any other therapist they will have codes of practice.

There are many types of dreams and some may feel embarrassing or shocking, but you shouldn’t worry about telling  a therapist as they will be used to this, and rest assured, having sex with a giraffe in your dream doesn’t mean you've suddenly acquired an animal fetish or that you're thinking of heading off to whipsnade Zoo for a bit of action. 
Dreams are rarely literal, they will start off fairly normal, but if you constantly cant remember your dream, the message is unable to register with you so they will start becoming more and more shocking, purely to shock you into remembering & start taking notice, for example....and very briefly,  sex with a giraffe could  actually be about connecting yourself to someone around you who you  admired/looked up to, wanted to be like, someone that had an aura of grandeur , perhaps when your around this person you are so In  awe of them, it makes you feel inferior…obviously there would be a lot more surrounding this dream depending on the bigger picture, but I was just giving you an example of dreams not being literal, so please dont be embarrassed or worry about explaining your dream in its entirety.
 dont underestimate the power of your dreams either, give them the same attention and respect that you would give to every other aspect of your health.   Once understood they can and often do make a real difference. In some cases Life changing.

                            Stay Blessed
                            Back Before Elvis
                            Mama Chill XXX    



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