M.E? -Yes, But What's Wrong?

Firstly I'd like to start by playing Katy Perrys New Song "Unconditional" just for you. I heard it recently while M.E flattened physically and mentally  & it made me realise tha only place I can truly be myself is amongst other  M.E Sufferers. I dont have to pretend "I'm Fine"..I dont have to...well listen to tha track then i'll continue..........

So as I was saying I don’t have to listen to tha digs or sarcastic remarks, don’t have to see tha patronising facial expressions
when I have tried to explain, or at tha opposite end of tha scale be grateful for someones martyrdom in understanding, yaaaaaaay! yes thanx its really appreciated, no, really your wonderful  and…oh just give yaself a knighthood and be done with it.

It’s made even worse when its family and friends, it feels like tha ultimate betrayal doesn’t it?  people who always bang on about how they get it when they clearly don’t ….people that knew you when you were well, that have seen you be hit by tha illness, seen you lose everything, seen what it’s done, & yet still expect you to do a million and one things, they still don’t  get that just getting out of bed and getting some clothes on is an achievement in itself, especially if you’ve started tha day off with zero energy so your running on empty before you’ve even started.

“Maybe you need to just push through it”
“Cant you just do this”?
“Yeah I get tired too, I know it’s not as bad as you but I have to just get on with it”
“ I wish I could stay at home all day ha ha ha”
“But you were fine this morning, what’s wrong?”

& you find yourself wanting to scream Friiiiiiiickin M.E that’s whats wrong.

& it makes you feel so alone, and it’s scary, if your own don’t understand or only understand when it suits them then what hope is there to educate a stranger? Although I’m sure there are those who do genuinely get it, thank goodness.

While I’d rather not have this Monster M.E,

I’m grateful for tha fact I’ve met so many great people , there’s the Lets Do It For ME bunch & The M.E Chat Room bunch, just two of tha many wonderful places I often hang out & just get to be me.

Its like a big M.E club....a crappy named club none of us really want to belong too i'm sure? But now i'm here I'm grateful to be surrounded & verbally supported & hope that I offer tha same in return ...might have to pass on dancing around tha handbag though 

If you're new to M.E or even if you've had it some time  then I
would really recommend checking in to an online group
if you're not already. Unfortunately nobodies
gonna give you tha antidote for
a magic cure, but you will get a warm welcome, a friendship, some laughter, and understanding that very few can have, and that my friends is priceless.

                                 Stay Blessed
                               Back Before Elvis
                                Mama Chill XXX


  1. Brill as usual you hit the nail on the head.:)

    1. Thanx, I only wish that M.E was as cute as tha blue monster lol! ;) xxx

  2. Good blog. So many have no idea what you are going thru. :-(

    -Doug (USA)

    1. Yep, we still have a looooong way to go on the eductaing front thats for sure :/ xxx


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