Can We? Yes We Can.

There are times for all of us i'm sure, where we wonder what tha hell we're doing, feel as if we cant keep battling on?............
I have a Mama Chill music blog and also a separate  Mama Chill health blog but often i cant seperate one from tha other, as in this case, so I thought I’d give a little update as to how things are going:

Well tha album is coming along nicely, it won’t be released until early 2014, but tha vocals are very nearly finished  bar two trax and a
choir to hire, & then tha 13 trax will be done…….but then each one has to be mixed & mastered as well as a non swear version done for tha odd track where I have a rantypants….Phew! As many of you know, I dont have  management or anything behind me so what has to be organised has to be organised by me. 

Tha album will take tha same name as the M.E Charity single “Don’t Say Nuthin If It Aint Worthwhile” hopefully by calling tha album by tha same name as tha M.E track it will help bring more awareness…well that’s tha aim anyway.

While tha rest of tha track listing hasn’t been decided yet, Don’t Say Nuthin If It Ain’t Worthwhile” will be tha first track to kick it off and has undergone a retro remix especially.

There has been and still is a million and one things to do as my producer is moving tha studio shortly  which means tha travel  distance going from a 15 minute cab journey to an hour, so physically and financially it will no longer be possible. So after all this, who knows? I try not to think further than my next cuppa coffee.

I’ve also designed two t-shirts, one for Music and an M.E one, the M.E one will be similar to tha one I sold before. 
So i'll be sorting that once I’ve got the recording done. A few of you had asked if I would be reinstating this t-shirt?...well tha answer is yes.
Once that’s all done I will be revamping my website MAMA CHILL and opening a shop where they can be purchased, I will also hopefully be opening the same shop on my Facebook music page FACEBOOK

My health isn't brilliant so progress isn’t as quick as I’d like it to be but I’m still extremely grateful to have made it this far under tha circumstances. Everything is going to take time, but inbetween collapsing in a heap on tha bed and then making star shapes  due to tha heat ,time is something I have, LOL!

It’s been extremely difficult and hard to swallow, hearing about local bands and artists, going on tour, taking part in major festivals, hitting America etc. Its not a spiteful envy, its just a sadness that cuts me to tha bone because due to this illness its something I cant do, and while for most of tha time I concentrate on what I can do, everythings a struggle, & every now and then reality comes along with a hand tha size of an elephants arse and slaps me right across tha face.

I’m not alone in that feeling I know, many of you also share feelings of sadness for things you can no longer do, but it serves no purpose does it? it doesn’t change anything, we can only have a blub dust ourselves down and carry on focusing on what we CAN do, and I hope many of you are still pursuing dreams, no matter how big or small, because I want you to know that despite tha struggles, you can. So dont give up on your dreams...."The Only Disibility in life is a bad attitude" (Scott Hamiliton)

This is a video of some  art work done completely by mouth by Doug Landis made Quadraplegic by a wrestling accident.

                     Stay Blessed, Back before Elvis ;) xxx


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