So in the run up to MAY 5th & the single I’m releasing in aid of M.E awareness month “Don’t Say Nuthin If It Ain’t Worthwhile” I’ve started putting  together a slideshow of photos to tell a story as I did with the last track “I Cant Stand Tha Rain”  But the idea for it started many months back & I thought it would be a cool idea to get some celebrities on board.

As some of you will know I’ve invited those of you with M.E to email me photos of yourself with your mouth covered, (you still have til 20th April) and there’s been some brilliant ones coming in so far.Tha idea was to have some celebrity photos slotted in of them doing tha same thing as way of showing support. 

I started politely emailing management companies to various celebrities with an explanation to what I was trying to achieve  & asked whether they would consider their clients getting involved, but then I realised that nobody was ever going to respond…..and guess what?....none of them did, and at that point I decided to stop, because it suddenly dawned on me that at this  moment in time M.E isn’t perceived as a cool enough illness for a celebrity to be associated with.

In fact M.E Is tha Jaffa of tha illness world really isn’t it? Theres always been controversy surrounding it nobodies quite sure what it is, there are those that swear it’s a cake, those that swear it’s a biscuit, and some that even view it as a pudding…. weird lot ;) there’s even a Jaffa cake appreciation society…tha fact there’s only 9 members confirmed my immediate thought  that whether cake or biscuit they still taste frickin awful and whoever created them should be shot. But then on reflection I started  to feel an empathy .

My point being that just like a jaffa, M.E isn’t popular or  likeable enough for a celebrity to want to bare their pearly whites for. As far as instant Awwwwwwws goes, M.E isn’t even on tha radar. Lets face it we just don’t have a  fluffy wuffy doo da kind of illness do we?  

While needing their clients to be seen as kind hearted and doing their bit on tha charity front, managers are looking for something that’s going to make them look good too, they are running a business after all, and part of that business is to make sure their clients are seen at tha “right” functions and only take part in tha “right” photo opportunities & unfortunately M.E isn’t "right" because its not definitive enough.

 There are many people that still aren’t quite sure what M.E is, but then until research is carried out none of us really know, other than it’s a mega pants physical illness that basically f**ks up your entire life.

Maybe one day we’ll be up there with tha choc chip cookie of illnesses but for now we’ll have to console ourselves amongst  tha jaffas.     Stay Blessed, Back Before Elvis XXX


  1. I think we still have a long way to go and hopefully one day we will have the recognition and understanding that we deserve. So thank you for your efforts to get some celebrities on board with this planned single and video. You do a super job in trying to raise awareness xxx


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