Aunt Agony Pays A Visit


Ouch! Merry Christmas Ouch! Happy New Year Ouch!, hope you're all Ouch! having a good time Ouch! (Let me know if i'm over playing tha Ouch! bit? )

So, Aunt Agony has decided to pay a festive visit...not that she'll be welcomed with  mince pies N mulled wine, Painkillers and tea with sugar is more tha order of tha day. Tha reason for her visit?  Well Aunt Agony is like tha ghost of consequences, or in my case a strum of tha guitar.

Those of you with M.E & Fibromyalgia will know exactly what i'm talking about, for those of you who dont, The symptoms of these awful illnesses mean that you're left in extreme pain after doing tha most minor things, but just to fool you into a false sense of security you dont neccesarily get to feel it straight can get hit with tha  Aunt agony consequence anything up to 72hrs after doing a little something.....and when i say "little something" i mean that literally

So Christmas eve i'd spent half an hour strumming my guitar...only gently, no wild Jimmy hendrix tricks to brag of, and as i felt no pain later that night or tha next day i thought i'd got away with it, but boxing day evening Aunt agony showed up uninvited, it started as a dull gnawing toothache type pain in tha bones and muscles of my upper body gradually spreading up into my neck & head, and then it gains momentum, stronger and stronger until your whole body is pulsating, throbbing with pain & you feel like you're gonna throw up.

It's hard to function any which way and loose when pain is at that severity, sleepings certainly not an option, even the eye muscles are threatening to explode out of tha eye socket with pain. This is what I call suicidal pain, its so severe that indeed it could drive someone to suicide or at tha very least nuts. It will die down again at some point but can last for up to 3wks at this level before calming down again, theres nuthin that can be done other than swallow painkillers,  put on a cheesy grin & tell tha world your fine, while you wait for it to pass......Aunt agonys punishment, all for a 30 minute strum.

I know a strum causes pain but i haven't strummed for ages for that exact reason...and how can i not strum? M.E/Fibromyalgia robs a person of virtually everything as far as day to day living goes, and takes away everything that makes you who you are. Music for me is like breathing, so taking tha consequence a consequence i just have to take because music is what makes me tick and its tha one last thing of my old life that i still have and fight to be able to hold on to despite tha challenges that brings.

I would pack Aunt Agonys bag and send her to stay with a not so favourite relative or friend but i wouldn't be THAT cruel, so for now she remains an unwelcome guest. There is no way of getting rid of Aunt Agony...for now... thats why getting a research centre and a definite test is so important, for those still young enough to be helped and hopefully one day cured and for tha future generations.

I know these are not fluffy or popular illnesses when it comes to companies or individuals thinking of donating to a charity, or getting sponsored to do some daring feat, but all i can ask is that people consider it, ask questions if you're not sure, check out the website, at least throw us into tha pot with tha other more popular charities for consideration,  Thanx for reading, Stay blessed N happy New year. Back Before Elvis :) xxx 


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