It's very easy when you suffer with M.E  "foggy head" to get things muddled up. I'd go as far as saying there are days when I am without doubt a health and safety issue ....and I have tha burn marks to prove it, from where i stick an oven glove on one hand and open tha oven door with it and with tha other gloveless hand pull out tha oober zuber hot tray before yelling "Ouch" or words to that effect.

Then theres putting the milk in the cleaning cupboard and tha bleach in tha fridge.......turning tha tap on and then wondering off  in a fart in a trance like daze before suddenly being smacked back to reality by tha noise  of running water...running water thats now running over tha kitchen/bathroom floor, and panic breaks out as you  rush to turn tha taps off while not falling ass over tit on tha soap suds beneath your feet. I could dedicate a whole Youtube channel to my faux pas if someone was filming them.....thank goodness for me nobody is. But  with this in mind i thought for all those M.E "foggy headed" amongst you, it was only right that I offer some important advice.....................................

Oh come on, you're smiling,I know you are. Stay Blessed, Back Before Elvis ;) xxx                               


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