Mending On Tha Slow

So just a little blog update on recovery progress, thanx to the removal of tha giant space hopper otherwise known as a huuuuuuuuuge mass from my belly I’m now one and a half stone lighter, unfortunately tha chubs also shifted from my face so I’m looking a bit haunted at tha mo with dark circles under tha eyes, but losing it from my belly is awesome obviously and I cant remember a time I was this weight so its cool, I’ll certainly try and maintain it.

Even better news, I received a confirmation letter Saturday 2nd june from my surgeon and cancer specialist to confirm tha mass was benign and NOT cancer J, I’d already been told but theres nuthin like seeing it in print. It also stated that all the other bits they took out turned out to be healthy too, which begs tha question, do I reply and ask them to stick them all back in? J

Tha recovery is a bit of a nightmare to say tha least but compared to the alternative outcome I really can’t complain. For every hour I’m up I seem to have to rest for two or three, I’m breathless, and by around 5 ‘oclock the pressure in my chest is so great that my muscles cant seem to hold my body upright any longer and my knees buckle.

The mass was pushing my bowel into my chest, so I’m hoping that its still just inflamed and sore and once it heals things will right itself. I have to keep being reminded that the mass didn’t get THAT huge overnight so it had been doing internal damage for some time and it will be some time before my body balances itself out again. I’m still having to go to the docs and get the drainage hole repacked too as its not healing as it should, and I’m still having to inject myself every day to stop blood clots…only a week left to go with that then yaaaaaay  no more  bruised thighs.

Oh and for those of you that warned me that courtesy of having to have all my lady bits out too I might hit instant menopause with instant symptoms? HOLY MOLY!  You were right, my thermostat is well and truly buggered, day and night I’m either burning up and soaking wet, or I’m freezing cold, freezing cold I can handle, its feeling like I’m in a sauna 24/7 that’s killing me. But I’ll be looking at Yoga techniques to try and deal with that, so fingers crossed.

Thanx also, to those of you trying to point out positives that I could now go get jiggy all over tha place and not worry about getting “up tha duff” lol! I’d like to just point out that being tha clean living woman I am I’ve never been all over tha place getting jiggy and not about to start now. Some would probably deem me  pretty ol fashioned in my views but I consider getting jiggy being saved for committed relationships or marriage and seeing as I’m not about to to either any time soon, I’ll stick to making music.

That’s not to say  that when I’m old(er) and grey(er) I wont suddenly change my mind and decide to hang loose, only problem is I tend to have a penchant for older men so at that stage it might be hard to actually find one with a pulse.

My own Mama is making me rest loads and making sure I don’t overdo anything ( Please note I refrained from using tha term nag) she’s actually been a diamond and I know shes doing it for my own sake so that I recover properly and can get back to doing tha things I love, so cheers for everything mum, luv ya :) 

Thanx to all of you too for your concern, kind words, cards and gifts, I’ve felt truly blessed and everything has been extremely appreciated.

I’ve added a couple of before and after pictures for your perusal, I couldn’t show tha full  wound as that would mean flashing my lady bits, and having had to get it out for every Tom, Dick N Harry while in hospital I’m now trying to claw back some dignity lol!  Stay Blessed XXX

                           Before                       After



  1. Good to hear you're pulling through and keeping bright and chirpy, Stacy! Don't lose your smile!

  2. Wow Stacey that sounds such a lot to go through. Take it easy and let your body heal. I am going through surgery in a couple of weeks so not looking toward to It. Keep well x

  3. Thanx IndieGuild :) looking forward to gettin back on your site. Yep fiona it was about a week before i was aware the M.E was making its presence well and truly known, it really impacted for a day or too and was rather scary and a bit of a shock, i'd been distracted by the Op and had forgotten to some degree until it hit big time, so now i'm getting to grips with all tha conditions again, it will take time but i'll get there. I'll be thinking of you and keepin you in prayer when you have yours, what are you in for if you dont mind me asking? you can always inbox on FB. Big hugs xxx

  4. Hope Mama Dee is making you REST young lady!
    Not many would share their story as much as you, hope others appreciate it.


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