Easter Suprise

So I was at tha hospital today and tha consultant casually said  " So apart from M.E & Fibromyalgia you're generally a  fit, healthy and well person, yes?" 
I looked at him suprised, wondering if tha date was wrong and it wasn't Easter April 5th but April Fools 1st instead? 
"Er...no, not really i replied,  M.E and Fibromyalgia present  with lots of horrible symptoms everyday, so i'm unable to work, i get constant infections..."
At which point he interrupted with "yeah yeah yeah, ok" and then carried on talking about something else.....20 years down tha line and  still  no clue about M.E/Fibro, still as rudely dismissive of it and it just goes to show that despite what we're being told, we are no futher forward. So i guess we just carry on fighting, we keep going, business as usual  eh? Happy Easter my friends may chocolate smother you...not literately obvioulsy. Stay blessed :) xxx    


  1. Would love to be smothered in chocolate,whata way to go :)
    Happy Easter xx

  2. LOL! Depends on whose doing tha smothering i guess :) xxx


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