Morning……Some bound out of bed with tha simplest of ease
and take to the day as if it’s a breeze
They're a  look of perfection and a dream to know
and everythings immaculate from head to toe

While others struggle and curse at tha clock
And the view in the mirror is a bit of a shock
All self-inflicted from late night kebabs
&  Dancing til three and waiting for cabs

And then theres us, yes us, that’s you and me
And even getting to the mirror some days is a luxury
But when we do and we stare straight ahead
Its always tha same like tha living dead

I know I’m that person raring to go
Somewhere inside and I wait for her to show
But nuthin absolutely nuthin, there’s zilch in tha tank
And I crawl back to bed, disappointed to be frank

Coz I’m finished before I’ve started, not even begun
Its morning, just tha morning and M.E’s got me done
I had a day full of hopes and dreams planned ya see
But in my head they always stay
So from my bed I hope the day away

Until It’s Morning again.


  1. Yep,about sums it up mate xx

  2. And I dunno About You But I Often look Just Like This Pic LOL! :) xxx


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