Dr Who ? & Humpty Dumpty

Its hard to concentrate on music or anything else for that matter when you're not only dealing with 101 different symptoms coming at you from all directions but you seem to be inflating at tha speed of knots. So my Big aching swollen belly still hasn’t deflated two months on and seeing as it feels like I’m lugging humpty dumpty around  and its hurting my back and I can no longer fit in my clothes and i'm hiding tha lump under my hoodies lol! I thought it was time to pay a visit to tha docs......and for those whose minds are jumping to conclusions at this minute, thinkin "preggers" let me just say it would have to be an immaculate conception, although that did happen once, along time ago in biblical times apparently so i s'pose its always possible (GASP!) ......Anyway, when did it become soooooo complex to make sumthin as simple as an appointment ?  this was tha conversation i had  , tha receptionist is tha “ R”

Me:- hallo, can I make an appointment with  that doctor whose name is really hard to say…erm..something like Abi pandy Krishna ?

R:-Dr Gos ?

Me:- huh? …who?....Nope, it ends in Krishna

R;- Yes that will be Dr Gos, a lot of patients were having trouble pronouncing his name so we call him Dr Gos

Me:- But his last names Krishna, it doesn’t sound anything like Gos ?

R;- Yes I know, but that’s what his referred as, to make it easier for the patients

ME;- Ok, can I have an appointment with him please ?

R;- His away, havent got anything until November I’m afraid

Me;- Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat…..November  ?????????????

R;- sorry I meant April, why did I say November ?

Me;- I dunno but you had me worried there. So theres nuthin until April ? is my usual Doctor back from leave yet?

R;- No

Me;- ok, so is there any doctor I can see before April

R;- Er…let me see…..No,  but if you want to phone up Friday after we close we release the appointments for the early part of next week, and if you ring up Tuesday after we close we release the appointments for the latter part of the week.

Me;- Erm….but if your closed , they’ll be nobody to answer the phone ?

R;- Yes

Me;- right, look I’ll just have the first  available date in April with Dr Krishna…sorry, Gos.

R;- That’ll be Monday 2nd April at 9.30

Me;- yep I’ll take that.

R;- Ok that’s all done for you then, you’re booked in Wednesday the 4th April with Dr Gos.

Me;- I thought you said Monday the 2nd of April ?

R;- Oh yes, silly me, that’s what I meant Monday 2nd April, whats wrong with me today?

Me;- I dunno, maybe you need to see a doctor? …oh hang on you cant theyre all on leave. Both laugh & hang up.

Phew I’m exhausted, and if my belly gets any bigger I could  quite easily  have popped humpty dumpty by then.
  Stay blessed back before Elvis :) xxx


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