I Cant Stand Tha Rain

I took tha Ann Peebles classic & re-worked it into a rap about life with M.E to try and raise money for tha charity "Action For M.E" & it can be purchased off tha Album "Nobody wants to know ya when ya Nobody" http://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/nobody-wants-to-know-ya-when/id453894988


Having survived it for 20yrs so far & counting tha only thing that gives me tha strength to keep facing tha battle is being able to make music, because via music it also allows me a platform to raise awareness of this awful illness. Then there's humour, i pretty much laugh at everything, and lets face it, its either that or cry...oh i do that too believe you me, but i try to stick to tha laughter if i can help it. I've always had a black comedy kinda sense of humour, which under tha circumstances comes in pretty handy.

One particularly bad day i thought i was dying, there i was curled up on tha floor while My mum rang tha docs , and as i was lying there i remembered a game i used to play at work with my colleagues before getting ill & losing my job, tha "what if you were dying" game, what would be tha last meal you'd have? what would be tha last thing you'd wanna see? etc etc, it also included tha last piece of music.

Now as a music artist music is very important to me, so as i layed there thinkin i was about to draw my last breath, from downstairs came blasting " Neighbours, everybody loves good neighbours with a little understanding la la la" for those of you that dont know, its tha theme song to a TV soap. Anyhow, i thought great, out of all tha music in all tha world i'm going out to "Neighbours"

That was followed by a sudden rememberance & utter horror that i hadn't shaved my legs, and i'd probably be layed out on tha mortuary slab with good lookin male staff thinking "nice face, shame about tha legs" not that i know of any good lookin morticians, but ya know where i'm comin from huh?

Anyway, i find that being able to hold on to humour in the most painful and desperate of times, which is most days in our case unfortunately really helps in holding onto life. Tha other saviour is...well tha saviour, otherwise known as god or in my case tha mainman. I dont do religeon of any sorts, each and everyone to there own, i have respect for everyone elses, but i prefer to just say i'm spiritual, yes i believe in tha mainman, yes i pray, and we're doing just fine tha way we are...sorted. So thats enough for tha first blog, dont want to send you sleep to soon, so until next time Stay blessed, back before Elvis :) xxx


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