I wonder what happens when you run out of hope?

A bottle of pills? A length of rope?

I can only hope my hope never ends

I’ve seen it happen to virtual friends

With There witty posts amongst my feed. &

There “life with M.E” blogs I subscribe to read

And I comment and like or forget one or both

Coz my brains up a tree clinging on like a sloth

It seems everyones holding on by a thread

Passing hope to each other like daily bread

Then someone notices a missing face

Witty posts and blogs gone without trace.

So we rally like social networking troops

Our mission to search and get to the roots

Of our friends disappearance that raises concern,

Maybe they’ve had an M.E crash and burn

And they’re laid up in bed with all energy gone

None to reach for the laptop let alone switch it on

And when they come back in a week maybe two

We’ll tell them off for worrying us, coz that’s what friends do

But then a feed appears stopping us in out tracks

Its about our virtual friend, who wont be coming back

It’s a relative apparently, who thought we ought to know

They’d run out of hope and decided to go.

Their words of laughter that had shone through our screen

Hiding the inner turmoil that must have been

A never-ending nightmare, a soul torn in two

The M.E cloak of darkness that tries to suffocate you

And everytime you try to crawl away it drags you back

Our fingers desperately dig in, but soon too weak for that

A fear resides inside as M.E takes another of our friends

An I can only hope and pray that my hope never ends.

I wonder what happens when you run out of hope?


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