Empty Corners


If it is so dark I cannot see

How then, do I know it is the dark that envelops me?

I cannot touch these invisible walls & yet it denies my eyes

From seeing all that lies beyond.

So how can it be that I am free to walk through this black oxygen

To seek and find for myself, but not for fear?

And so I sit here in the silent company of darkness daring not to move

For when I stand and reach for light, it strikes me down without word

So down I stay this time to sit and wait

For what I do not know.

Maybe the tallest of all ladders  so that I may climb

One rung at a time and reach the mountainous sky

To kiss the moons milky white face and taste a little on my lips

Just enough to illuminate my heart and spark my soul

To light my path & lead me safetly from the dark where

I have been lost for so long.


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