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Facing ADS

The other week while promoting the "Runnin On Empty" merchandise in my   Dizzy Jam Store  where all profit is being donated to Invest In ME  , I mentioned I’d put out a Facebook Ad which seemed to lead to a number of comments and Inbox messages asking how to do a Facebook Ad. With difficulty” came the reply . I’m still not 100% sure of what I’m doing but its better than the 0% of surety I was at a few years ago. That’s because I’ve  read & continue to read and research marketing techniques…Cue…BOOOOOOOOORING ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz...... And you’d be right, but as a music artist who manages herself and uses the platforms for campaigning  for better M.E awareness & understanding, nobody is going to do it for me. Unfortunately my fundraising skills are more on the “Could really do better” scale but Hey, I’m not Richard Branson, although I’m at that age where a lady beard is always possible (checks chin ). I know there are many of you out there creating g