"If  You're Watford, You're Family"

I'm Watford born & bred & love the town and it's people, however I'm hacked off and saddened by the criminal vandalism and destruction over the years under the spin of progress. Change is inevitable and in many cases welcome, but that doesn't mean you have to lose architectural character and history in the process or break up long established communities, real people living real lives. I don't recall hearing any Watford Citizen saying their goal for the town was to be in the top ten list of most popular shopping precincts?  The good people of Watford aren't that Superficial.


Right, moving on, my mother.....yes the one I keep under the floorboards has kindly donated me her Watford Postcard collection so that I can share  them with you, I've uploaded some to start things off, but will upload more over time.  You can scroll through like a slideshow and if you hover your mouse on a pic the description will come up at the bottom or if you click on any of the pictures they will also pop up with a description. Hope you enjoy them?

Kingswood Cars

Watfords Best Cab Company

01923 662233

Cassiobury Gates

Cassiobury Gates