Bus Stop 16

It’s all changed & lifes moved on
I woke up one day & my health had gone
Pain has no preference when said & done
But I’m still sixteen inside.

I fell in luv, that’s what people do
In my mind I still think of you
I heard you’re still a bastard yeah, that ain’t nuthin new
& I’m still sixteen inside.

Bills to pay & a job to keep
If I wanna stay off the street.
Everyday is such a fucking major feat
Coz I’m still sixteen inside.

When ya family & friends have gone
& the last lament is sung
But oh you thought they’d live forever on & on
Coz we’re still 16 inside.

Yeah,Trust me one day you wake up old & grey
& you wonder where you’ve gone, one minute ya young
& ya dancing in a club, falling in N out of Luv, surrounded by ya friends yeah, drinking in a pub
Then changes come-a-creepin, ya never see them sneak in
suddenly the buildings gone & everybodie's leaving
friendships a memory, ya future round the bend
& ya clinging to the past coz you don’t wanna reach the end
Everything is gaining pace, it’s all becoming clearer
That nuthin lasts forever, N ya time is drawing nearer
its like waiting at a bus-stop ,another ain't gonna come
You only get one ticket, to one bus, make sure you’re on
& ride it to the max aiming for a crash landing
Or wait while everybody drops & be the last one standing.

Silver hair & mind decay
When I can’t remember yesterday
& oh my body’s changing in a frightening way
But I’m still sixteen inside

Always sixteen inside
Get on that bus, enjoy your ride
It’s now that you should live your life.
Will we be tha last ones standing Gaz?