" A Logo  Should Say This Is What I'm About, So I Designed A Runnin Leg End To Symbolize Never Giving Up, To Keep On Keepin' On, Good Job I Didn't Settle On The Bell ? "

The Runnin On Empty Logo represents never giving up, keep on keepin'on, whether young or old we  all have life challenges, be it illness/disability?  

Challenges within the work place?  At school/college/Uni?  In our personal life?  In sports? Life was not meant to be easy, it's only through struggles, 

facing adversity, taking on whatever challenges are put before us that we grow to become the people we are supposed to be. 

Just as we wouldn't know how to feel happy if we hadn't experienced sadness and vice versa, everything has  an opposite, there wouldn't be life without death or death without life. We have to experience it all good and bad. The thing to remember is each moment is temporary, as is life.

We're not our body, that is just a vehicle to get us around while we're here.

We're not humans having a spiritual experience, we're spirits having a human experience and that's why It's often so hard to deal with life on earth. From the moment we're born our journey is like a book , but what the story? whatever is meant to be ours in this lifetime will be ours & if it's not then it's not, but things can change in a heart beat and we never know what's just around the  next corner,  so we owe it to ourselves given the chance, to live out our final chapter and find out what happens, If we keep on going and never give up then we quite possibly can.   

This is where  I  Rant, Ramble  and Write  about  Random  stuff.