I used to be a butterfly,  feet rarely touching the ground

I fluttered around absorbing all the exciting things life had to offer

And then one day after a moments rest I woke to find my wings had gone

No longer upon me, maybe taken by the wind & lost in the breeze?

All that is left is a scar of where they used to be

And I am no longer me, but a newborn lost and afraid

Of this life and  journey I no longer  recognise

My tears could drown me and be done, but I must go on

With hope in heart, that one day that same breeze

will change direction and bring my life  back to reunite us.

Til then My mind can still soar above this  bodies limitations

and my imagination become those wings

But how I ache and yearn to be free again.





2.Empty Corners








5.Dream Sarni