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The other week while promoting the "Runnin On Empty" merchandise in my  Dizzy Jam Store where all profit is being donated to Invest In ME , I mentioned I’d put out a Facebook Ad which seemed to lead to a number of comments and Inbox messages asking how to do a Facebook Ad.

With difficulty” came the reply . I’m still not 100% sure of what I’m doing but its better than the 0% of surety I was at a few years ago. That’s because I’ve  read & continue to read and research marketing techniques…Cue…BOOOOOOOOORING ZZZZZzzzzzzzzz......

And you’d be right, but as a music artist who manages herself and uses the platforms for campaigning  for better M.E awareness & understanding, nobody is going to do it for me. Unfortunately my fundraising skills are more on the “Could really do better” scale but Hey, I’m not Richard Branson, although I’m at that age where a lady beard is always possible (checks chin ).

I know there are many of you out there creating goods, and holding events to raise funds and awareness for M.E and so earlier this week I promised I would try to give a step by step guide on how to create a Facebook AD, so here we go, cuppa and biccies at the ready?.............

I’m going to use My t-shirts as an example but you can apply it to anything and everything, I promote my Mama Chill music page this way too, so any music artists/bands reading this can also apply the techniques used.
Let me start by saying there are no guarantees, I can give you the tools, and then its trial and error, sometimes it works out great, other times the Ad bombs and leaves you feeling a grumpy bum and so you try something different the next time. You also have to do some homework…..booooo!

1.  I’m selling “Runnin on Empty T-shirts” so first I have to think who might buy the t-shirts, this product can certainly fit a number of people apart from those with M.E, Young clubbers…? Runners & sports people? Etc etc, so I decide to go down the sport route for this Ad first….at a later date I can try other routes and target other groups.

2. I google in  Running magazines and click on some that come up. I pick a few that look good, write the names down and check they have a Facebook page and how many customers they have……do they have lots of followers?.....you might be asking why?....go on ask?.....well basically when you write a Facebook Ad, you Nick…(cough, splutter)…target other businesses customers, which is preeeeeetty cool actually. If you can imagine how many businesses are on Facebook, well you have access to aaaaaall those customers, who could potentially be your customers too, its just knowing who to target for your product.

3. Now we get started. Choose a Facebook status that you want to promote, I chose this one.  In the bottom right hand corner it says “Boost”. click on it and a form will come . Facebook always put their own figure in to start with, so  £67 might come up or similar, don’t  be fainting  at this point, you CAN change it to what you want.

4. But leave that for now, Scroll down and at the very bottom left hand corner it will say “Advanced Options” that’s the form you want so click on “Advanced Options”.

Now put in how much you want your daily spend to be, I usually do £5.

5.Scroll down to “People you choose through targeting”  and start typing in the names of the companies you found. Because they are on facebook , as you start typing they will automatically come up, with a host of others you can choose from too. The ones I found by research i've typed in on the top the bottom more faded suggestions are suggestions by Facebook, they aren't part of your Ad unless you click on them , if you want to. So I start typing in Runners world, Running Times, New York Marathon, etc etc.

6. As you type ,You will see On your right hand side  the potential customers your Ad will reach with each company you put in. The thing to remember is you are targeting people who like the same things so you need to keep  it fairly tight,for example: if I was to type in beyonce, opera, daily Mirror,  whale watching, knitting. The reach of the Ad wouldn’t be that good because there are not many individuals who would like all those things….but if I was to put in Beyonce, urban radio, Rhianna, hiphop, dance etc they are fairly similar and an individual IS more likely to like all those things therefore the AD reach will be good.

7.Now scroll to countries & start typing in the countries you want to target, & again they will automatically start coming up,  if you only want to deliver to the UK, then just put in United Kingdom. 

I like my Ads to go global, so I do Uk, USA, then I choose some europeon ones. Earlier when I was doing my google research  I found a few popular countries for running, so I wrote them down and added them to my AD., choose as many or as few as you want. Again you will see the target figure to the right hand side change so that you can see how many potential people your Ad will reach, if you type in a country but the target figure only goes up a couple then you can delete it again as its not worth putting that country in, You’re looking for maximum impact remember.

8. AGE TARGET? Again this will depend on you and the product, just leave it as it is or change it to what you want.

9.PEOPLE TO TARGET, Men, Women, All ? Again this will depend on your product, if your knitting woolly jockstraps you dont want to be sending the Ads to  youngsters or women. I tend to leave it on “ALL” but thats because my products are suited to all.

10. And that’s about it, ignore the rest and scroll down to setting your date. Now you have to be reeeeally careful here. Facebook have a “TO RUN CONTINUOUSLY” or SET YOUR DATE”   again they have put a set date in usually of a month, YOU MUST check this & do it carefully otherwise you will end up with an horrendous bill and instead of the £5 AD you’d planned  it could be £500 + if you get it wrong.

So click on the calendar for when you want the Ad to start, check & re check you’ve put the right DAY, MONTH, YEAR in, then click on the one below it to say when you want to stop your AD  and if you only want the AD to run for one or two days make sure you’ve put the right DAY,MONTH YEAR, in.  I usually run my Ads at weekends either Friday to Sunday, or Saturday to Sunday, sometimes I just do one day. Its up to you.

11 Scroll down to how you want your Ads to run, you will be given three different ways of running your Ads and again its trial and error here, I tend to play around between, paying for clicks on impressions  and optimised performance, So have a play yourself, choose the one you want to try. Its too long and drawn out to explain the differences, and I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible.

12. Now hit the preview button & view your Ad before you actually go ahead with it. This gives you the chance to check everythings how you want it, at this point I always RE-CHECK that I’ve unclicked “to run continuous” and have ticked “set date” and CHECK I have the right date in.

13. Now click to order and your done. If its your first AD Facebook will take a little while to approve it, but once you’ve done one Ad  they are approved very quickly usually within half an hour.

Just take it slowly, you might want to print this off and refer to it when your doing your own Ad, like everything it takes practice. Dont be disheartened if the Ad shows little or no response, thats just part of life, dont give up. When you can afford to run another one, try again, maybe target a different audience or, change the way you ran the ad, if you did "pay per clicks" then try "optimised performance" just play around, some will work, some wont.  Also think about what the post says, Depending on what you're trying to achieve  dont make it long and drawn out. I was posting/boosting  a status which needed some explaination, but think about what makes you click on Ads that show up in your feed and to the side.

You can also write an Ad out from scratch,but again i'm trying to keep it as simple as possible. But When i'm  writing an Ad purely for my music page, I'll simply post a pic that stands out with "Click Like if you Luv Rap/ Hip Hop" thats it, as simple as that, but it engages people.

Right, well thats it my luverlies, hope it helps, Good Luck, Now over to you to have a go.    Stay Blessed Back Before Elvis :) xxx


  1. Thanks Stacy for writing this up. Will bookmark it for future reference. :) xx

  2. Pleasure :) will keep you updated as and when i learn more tecniques :0 XXX

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